Monday, March 17, 2014

March 12, 2014 Last week in CCM (Training Center Mexico City)

Herman's Udall, Grow, and Marcum leaving for Nicaragua soon!  :)  :(

Hello my dear sweet Family and Friends I have missed you all a lot this week! This week has been more of a Roller Coaster than normal for all of us because Satan knows we are all about to go out and dominate the mission field so he is trying to make us feel like crap but we won’t let him! Because he has the power to bruise our heals but we have the power to crush his skull. The gospel is amazing ANYTHING hard we encounter in life we are given was to overcome it or we are given people to strengthen us so we can do it. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! 
So this last Sunday my Rama(branch) and I except for one district in my Rama we all performed the EFY medley at a devotional Saturday night with everyone at the CCM and let me tell you when missionaries sing that song...oh my goodness the spirit in that room there was not a single dry eye it was so strong and we were singing it in Spanish. THE GOSPEL IS THE SAME ANYWHERE IN ANY LANGUAGE that is how we know it’s true. One of THE coolest experiences I have had at the CCM I recorded it so when I send my memory card home you will all get to see it! I had some help from some Elders in another district which by the way was not the best Idea to give your camera to a bunch of Elders.....they still think selfies are cool. 

I also sang in sacrament meeting this last Sunday and I lead the music a lot Thank you mother for teaching me to lead! 

This week the district that got here a week before us left It was sad but that is what we came here to do is leave I am scared but I am so excited to be gone!!

Brogan is the winner of the week she just sent me pictures!! I want to know about home! And You guys! I tell you all about me but I do want to hear about you! The work of the Lord is really and it is flying. AND I am a part of it!! 

If any of you want to see pictures remember that I have a blog and if you don’t know how to get there ask my wonderful parents!! I am sorry this email is shorter but I love you all and wish you the best!!


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