Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

I went to the hospital this week.  Don’t worry everyone wasn’t too bad well then again maybe it was I had a virus from a Mosquito....called Chikungunya it was probably the worst virus I have ever had but I am better now I just had to go the hospital and they gave me an IV and they gave me medications and such and sent me on my way but told me I couldn’t work for 5 was the worst I still have two days I can’t work but I left the house yesterday and worked a little because I just couldn’t do it. 

A little I.V. fluid does the body good!  Yucky virus. :(

Current Zone Members of Elders and Sisters
Hermana Gomes-Guatemala, Hermana McKay-Utah, Hermana Vasquez-Honduras, Hermana Udall Garden of Eagar Arizona.

Well there are changes again this week but I don’t think I am going anywhere I have short time left in my mission and I just got here so I think I will be here in Masaya for a little bit longer which is okay I won’t mind that at all this City is pretty alive EVERY Sunday there are people that go out in the street in costumes that a super awesome and they just dance this country LOVES to dance it is awesome this weekend that is coming there is something that is call the Baile Negra or the black dance they all dance in the street but it’s not a guy and a girl its two guys one is dressed as a girl and the other is a guy they dance with masks and are SUPER good at dancing the way they can move is CRAZY but they kinda scare me a little.

Wellllllll we are supposed to have another baptism this weekend and a wedding but we haven’t been able to find Him these last weeks he has been working but this week we are going to run him down and find out what is going on he had a lot of questions for us and we want to answer them and we have been answering them but he just works all the time but I know if we talk to him he will make the right decision it is hard sometimes for them to see that this is the truth that is where patience comes in handy we just wait and work for the day that they have that light bulb moment and when they do we grab  it and go I LOVE light bulb moments.

Juan said the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting this week it was AWESOME he got up there with all his pride that he is a Mormon and he said it and it was a very powerful prayer he prayed for my companion and I in front of everyone which was embarrassing but it was cute. 

CHRISTMAS IS COMING it is so weird to think that it is almost December which means I almost have a year which means the time is flying crazy fast I don’t even know SO all of you know I am trying to get letters out to everyone I doubt they will get to you before Christmas but I am sending them anyway I hope they get there!!! 

Well I love you all and hope life finds you all well remember now that the cold is coming sleep with socks on so you don’t get sick!! I love you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

JUAN GOT BAPTISED!!!!! That was the coolest part of the week he was crying in the font because he was so happy. He called us yesterday because he went to visit his family after church and he said that his family was so grateful for us we then explained that we had nothing to do with it and its the truth when people get baptized it really isn’t us it our Heavenly Father that has prepared them to make this choice in their lives and Juan was definitely prepared by God to be baptized right now in this time of his life I am just so glad that I could be there to watch this miracle unfold. 
This is the last week of this change I cannot believe it! This change has flown so fast we have changes again el 27 I am almost 100 percent sure I will stay here which is okay I will at least know a few people for Christmas! 
This week the Elders had a reference for us so we went with them to find him and there he was sitting outside he is a cute little old man that is about 90 years old so we talked with him a little and everything went well until the elders left and when they left this crazy old lady came out and was just yelling at us calling us liars telling us that we were going to hell and that we just needed to go home and start working my companion just looked at me because she didn’t know what to do and I just made a motion to not say anything so I just looked at the lady and smiled and when she was done she left. It was funny and scary all at the same time.
This week was a good one but nothing really big happened but the Baptism I will make this coming week different so I will have more to write about! I love you all and hope all is well!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Hermana Jessica Udall

I hope you all remember my investigator Juan...because...HE IS GETTING BAPTISED SATURDAY!!!! I am so excited it’s unreal I love this work he has come soooooo far it’s unbelievable Then the next Saturday we are going to have a wedding and a baptism!!! It is just going to be grate I am so excited!!! 

This week was a fast one I don’t remember much that went on but I remember it was a little hard but that just means we are going to have a baptism!! One of our recent converts works on a ranch of one of our investigators and our investigator bought us hammocks so today we went out there and used them and they are awesome!! he bought us hammocks because he is worried that we are walking all day every day and we are so tired and never have any rest so he bought us hammocks super nice guy this same investigator has banana trees in front of his house and he gave us A TON of bananas I love bananas they are super good!! He also gave us corn on the cob which made me a little home sick but that’s because my dad’s corn on the cob is the absolute best!! 
This last week the Elders baptized a family but the daughter didn’t want to get baptized and The elders didn’t know what to do so they called us and when we got there I talked to her and she looked and me and said it’s the right thing to do right?? And I look at her and said not only is it the right thing but it’s the BEST thing you can do. This act is the one in many that will lead to eternal life with your family. I love this gospel because it gives people hope it is hope in all this craziness.

This week I have actually been missing Nandaime a lot well not so much the town but the people I love them and miss them a lot but there are three hard working Sisters that are there so I trust that they are taking care of my people. 

I love you all so much and hope that all is well just remember God is a God of miracles. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Okay the time is flying so fast I feel like I am falling behind. But I love love love my mission so the first story I want to tell is about how small this world is SO I don’t think most of you know Kevin Brewer but he is from Show Low was my co councilor at youth conference well he went to his mission in Honduras and there is a sister in my district Hna Vasquez that is from Honduras....Kevin baptized her family and right now she is helping other people get baptized how cool is that!!!

Well this was a good week in the Obra del SeƱor my companion and I walked so much this week it was crazy but we found 3 new families and we had 6 people at church!! 

This week they had a talent show in the church so that inactive members recent baptized and investigators could come and meet members it all turned out really well except when they told the missionaries that we were supposed to sing 2 min before we can give you any lesson about the gospel in short notice but sing..That was a mistake we didn’t sound so great but all the people enjoyed it so I guess we were okay. 

That is all I have this week I am sorry its short I will make sure to write more this next week! I love you all!!