Monday, March 17, 2014

March 15, 2014 We got our Travel (Flight) Plans!

All the Elders and Sisters leaving for Nicaragua this week.
Well everyone I got my flight plans this week!! It was so nerve wracking opening it but I am golden and have one full day left before I leave! 

I leave from the CCM Monday at 12:00 and my flight is at 4:37 we fly to San Salvador and they get on another flight to NICARAGUA!! I will get there at about 9:30 ish I am so nervous and excited all at the same time!! 

The Honduras sister from my district leave at 6:00 am on Monday and all of our boys leave on Tuesday! It’s so crazy this is actually Happening. 
Yesterday we had in field orientation it was awesome I had so much fun they explained to us how important it is to use members in our lessons and how to use them and how to use all the church leaders to help the work progress. I AM SO SCARED EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR THIS!!!!! I hope to hear from you all soon! The next time you hear from me I will be swimming in the deep end of the pool and hopefully loving it!! 

 TE AMO!!!!

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