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March 5, 2014 (CCM Mexico City)

Hermana Jessica Udall visiting the Mexico City Temple
Hola Familia y Amigos!! This week was awesome! Of course it was like a crazy roller coaster but it was so wonderful! I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for always supporting me I really truly do appreciate it it is often what keeps my spirits up!

So this week Hermana Hamblin and Hermana Poche left the CCM I will admit I cried pretty hard ha-ha. I didn’t realize how nice it was to have a familiar face here! Cada Domingo (every Sunday) we have a movie at the end of the night and after that we all sing God be with you till we meet again to say goodbye to all the districts that are leaving that next week. After that I went and found Rachel we both cried for a while then I went to find Kale so I went to stand up on the stage and then I hear this are you okay?? and I thought oh my goodness how ridiculous I must look so I looked down and it was my good friend Elder Stevens ha that poor kid is always there when I break down....He said some stuff to make me feel better and then found Kale for me he also informed me he was my new support system so I never had to worry it was nice! I will be sending a picture of him later! 

Well my time here at the CCM is winding down that is so CRAZY but I am so ready to serve the people in Nicaragua! 

So today we went to the temple!! BUT the temple is closed for renovation which sucks but the cool this is the spirit is ALWAYS there I absolutely love it. There is a senior couple that is serving at the visitor center their last name is Yates he was the principle of Snowflake High school not very long ago so he look at me and said Udall? You’re from Arizona aren’t you?! 

I had a very special experience at the temple today...Mom and prepare yourself you will cry.. So I have been missing Grandpa Frank A LOT lately and today at the temple we watched the video on families and in the video the Grandpa passes away and I lost it all I could do was think of Grandpa Frank I bawled and then all the sudden I felt like someone was hugging me... I know without a doubt it was him..because he can do that now he has been here the whole time with me keeping my spirits up I love him and the fact that we believe in Eternal families....the gospel is true. 

Hermana Jessica Udall and her "District" members
This week we got to go in and play investigators for the district younger than us..he he it was AWESOME! It was such a good experience I now know what investigators kind of feel like it is super amazing! 

I have officially been made the mother of my district I am older than everyone in my district and the district that got here before us... I am old...

So I don’t know how many of you know what Zapateco is I had kind of heard it before my mission it is a native language for down in Mexico City and my teacher is fluent in it it is amazing!! My morning teacher Hermano Gallegos gives me so much crap all the time! The other day we were practicing asking questions in Spanish and he was giving everyone else words that we all knew and understood and then he looks at me and asks a question with words we don’t know and he said them really fast then smiled at me and said hey Udall you got this! He is crazy! 

Well congrats to Mykelti for getting her license! Finally ha-ha. Well I am off to send pictures. Hope to hear from you all next week! Someone please help Brogan not go crazy and you all need to hug each other for me! I miss good hugs everyone here is awkward.....I don’t think missionaries get weird on their missions it happens in the CCM.....

Hermana Udall and Hermana Stephenson
Love you all so much!!

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