Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 28, 2014 (Nandiame Nicaragua)

I am still here in Nandaime but with a new companion!! She is suuuuper awesome she is from Guatemala and has the same time well like 3 weeks more than me in the mission and she likes to work and enjoy her mission at the same time its super nice!!

This week was the craziest week of my whole life I am Senior companion now.....which means....I am training soon.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH This week was a week of Partiest here in Nandaime everyone was in the streets drinking and Sunday there were TOOONS of people in the main street by our house dancing and there were so many horses it was super hard to work but we got it done!!

This month has been a hard one for my area but little by little it is getting better we are working our little behinds off and we hope to see the fruits of our labor soon

I almost have six months here in Nicaragua and it has finally started to rain and when it rains here the streets are FULL of water.

WE got to see a ton of fireworks again this week at FOUR in the morning...jaja

My Care package arrived!  Thanks Mom.

Red White and Blue 4th of July

I found FROOT LOOPS in Nicaragua!

"Te Amo"

New companion  Hermana Rivas from Guatemala.

Look what we found in our bathtub!  :(
I love my mission and everything it has taught me I love to meet different people every day and talk about our Savior Jesus Christ in all that I do I love you all and wish you the best!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

I have been in the mission for another change or transfer its crazy how fast the time is going I can hardly believe my time here is almost 6 months!! Everyone keeps saying this change I am going to train but I don’t believe it’s true we will see what God wants to do with me
This week wasn’t really different and this email is SUPPPER short I am sorry but we had a P-day the the zone and I don’t have much time to write and I have to travel an hour to get back to my area so I am sorry everyone more next week!!! 
All the Hermana's in the Zone and Elder Rodriguez the ZL who is going home.


All the Hermana's in the Zone.  Lake Nicaragua P-Day activity.

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

I GOT A LETTER FROM UNCLE MORGAN!!!! It was amazing Nicaragua hasn’t changed much!! 

Well I am in Jinotepe today and we took one of those HUGE old school buses to get here and half way through they stopped to let people off but we couldn’t go anywhere because this guy thought it would be okay to open the back door and go pee....Oh man.....crazy people...

This week was Tope de Torros in Nandaime....oh man there were more horses in the streets than people and then they just let all the bulls run through the street and in the night time they have a rodeo and the ride bulls IT WAS CRAZY and there were a LOT of drunk Horses......and people....and dogs... it was interesting hahah 

This has been the fastest hardest 6 weeks in my mission we changed houses and the room we are in now at night time its FREEZING it is awesome!!! 

We always hear about those people that have been prepared for the gospel and I believed it but never saw it but in the past few weeks we have met and seen and heard stories about the people that have been prepared Heavenly Father TRULY does have a plan for our lives he loves us and wants the best for us!! I love this gospel and the oportunidad I have to changes people’s lives just by opening my mouth! 

Thank you for all your support I LOVE YOU 
Name tags decorated in honor of 4th of July!
Hermana Udall and Hermana Estrada

I found this "old" church document with a picture of the "70". 
My dad's (Jeff Udall) mission president Elder Douglas Callister is in the middle.

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

This has been the weirdest week because the Fourth of July has always been my favorite and I wasn’t at home haha it was hard BUT I got to eat pizza and there were FIREWORKS here that night Heavenly father loves me!!! 

We have a family in our area that is SUPER positive but this week we went to their house and she said she doesn’t want to get baptized I ALMOST cried and then we had 12 people that were going to go to the church Sunday and only 2 of them showed..... This is the hardest part when we EXPLAIN OVER AND OVER the importancia de the choices they make and they don’t listen.

My companion and I are going to change houses.....AGAIN jajaja we are going to be living in our area when we move in I will send pictures.

I got to talk to my trainer this week and Hna Avila is doing awesome all of the investigators I had in Granada are getting baptized it’s so excited to see!!! I love it every week she is having a baptism! Honestly it is kinda hard to see BUT the important thing is THEY are completing their covenants it’s awesome!!  

Today I am in Jinotepe ....its FREEZING here and freezing for me now is in the 80s so when I go home I am going to die haha

All of you that can... FAMILY...visit Addison a lot now because when I get home it is going to be time for Aunt Jessica to hang out with her jaja I love that girl so much and I haven’t even met her!! 

This month is going to be crazy and super hard in Nandaime(my area) there are TONS of parties and they let bulls run in the’s going to be NUTS haha but that’s why they sent the crazy sisters to Nandaime jajajaja 


The Hermana's of Nandaime Nicaragua.  Estrada-Guatemala, Atkinson-Idaho, Udall-Eagar AZ USA, and Rivas-El Salvador.

Nicaragua's National Bird the Motmot.

Hermana Estrada-Guatemala, Elder Troecht-Panama, Elder Rodriquez-Guatemala, Hermana Udall-Eagar AZ USA 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Another day another week and this week ANOTHER MONTH seriously I feel like the time is in fast forward here!!

My Spanish is getting sooooo much better! The gift of tongues is AWESOME!!!

This week was SUPER DUPER stressful the Zone Leaders have set super high goals for my companion and I. I know we can meet these goals but seriously they are stressing me out jaja. This week we had to do the demonstration for the practices for our Zone Meeting in front of the whole Zone... I didn't like it at all but I learned a lot and I am more confident with myself and with my Spanish.

During the Zone meeting well at the very end we were taking our Zone picture and all these white people came into the Church speaking English at first I was super scared it freaked me out I didn’t know what language they were speaking. Turns out they are from ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA my two favorite states and they are here for vacation. The ones from Arizona were asking where everyone was from and they got to me and they said oh Udall we don’t even have to ask what part of Arizona are you from???  They are from Gilbert they are in the Gilbert 3rd Ward.
When they tell you to bring two sets of glasses to the mission JUST IN CASE they were serious and very of my pairs of glasses broke straight in half....That’s what happens I guess when plastic goes from SUPER hot to SUPER cold SUPER fast oh it was so  sad for luck I have another pair!!

I am so glad to get all of your emails and to hear about how everything is going!! PLEASE always remember to read your scriptures and do what is right I love you all!!