Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Welllll this week was not as interesting as last week but it has rained a lot I was sick this week and had to go on divisions so my comp could work because the nurse said I needed to rest....not very fun AT ALL hahaha.

It has been raining A LOT here it has rained ALL DAY today!

I am learning a lot of patience this change it is going to make me a better person all around so I can do this!!
I love my mission so much and even though I miss my family and friends I KNOW if I do what is right I will have them for eternity!!!

I know that we have the RESTORED gospel in our lives now and I get to preach it every day I am so happy and glad I get to do so!!
Elder Baldwin from Joseph City and Hermana Jessica Udall from Eagar.

Elders Barlow and Callado with new convert Kevin Perez and investigator Harling Lugo and Hermanas Udall and Avila.

A favorite child Eloisa from Granada.

New companion Hermana Estrada and Hermana Jessica Udall.

1st house they  ALMOST had to live in with Chickens and a Bat!

I love and miss you all hope all is well!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua) CHANGES!


So I was laying in my bed Saturday night just thinking and then all of the sudden I thought... MY SISTER GOT MARRIED TODAY!!! It was super weird I ran into the other room of my house where the other sisters were(there are four of us in the same house but I will get to that later) and I was freaking out!!!

My WHOLE family had a crazy week this week with the Baby and The wedding and I had changes. Tuesday the elders called to ask us a question they said they weren’t calling about changes right now but they would call in a little was mean because 5 min later they called.....and they said HNA Avila your daughter has changes and is going to have a sister... So she is training again and is still in Granada I am in a place called Nandaime and I am reopening an area again my new companion is from Guatemala and her name is Hna Estrada she is bien tranquila she is a REALLY hard worker and she is nice! 

My new little sister (the girl my old companion is training) is AUSTRAILIAN!!! It’s awesome! I have a sister and she is from Australia hehehehe

Anyway we got to changes on Wednesday and we were sitting in the meeting and we listened to really good talks by President and his wife and listened to all the testimonies of the new missionaries and the ones leaving and then changes and this time there were a TON of them and I was the second to last one to get called....they said and These two sisters are going to reopen an area and their area is Nandaime and the sisters are Hna Estrada and Hna Udall and everyone started going OHHHHHHH awesome no way....crazy people...hahaha

So we got to Nandaime annnd the Zone leaders ate lunch with us and then dropped us off at our house and left didn’t stay to help or anything...and them our house....oh man....IT WAS HUGE like GIGANTIC it had the main entry way and then opened up to a huge room in the back I will try and send pictures and the bathroom was outside and this house was like super dirty we went and looked in another room in the back and we walked and there was a CHIKEN!!! with babies in our house!!!! apparently they live there.....well later that day we went to the house of the other sisters here who are also reopening their area because they said there were some problems with our areas. So we showed up to the house and we got the area book that has all the information we are supposed to use to know who to teach the recent converts the less actives EVERYTHING and there was not a SINGLE paper in the book just a map so we looked at the map and GUESS WHAT the sisters were living in our area and we were living in theirs the elders had confused our areas......awesome.....So we called them and asked them if we could just live together because both houses were HUGE and ours was dangerous and had a chicken and they said no..... SO we were just going to have to switch houses....then later that night President Russell called the other sisters and he was checking on us because he knows our new areas are SUPER hard and he asked about the houses...jaja She explained everything that happened and he said I was planning on your sisters living together anyway I TOLD the elders that.....BUSTED wa wa waaaaa so Friday we went to our district meeting we have to go in a bus for 40 min...EVERY FRIDAY its crazy....but we got there an hour early to the meeting the Elders were late and then we were in the meeting with the elders for about 15 min and the Zone Leaders said we had to go back to Nandaime there was a problem with our houses so we had to go back and we had to move out right then so I packed in like 2 min and we moved EVERYTHING to our new house beds tables EVERYTHING and when we got to the new house it was A DISASTER it was the old house of the elders and it was a mess I will send pictures or they will be on my Blog(thanks dad) 

SO we cleaned the house and got everything set up and I walked in my room last night after we had gotten lost while it was raining so we were soaking wet and I walked into my room turned on the light and SOMETHING flew SUPER close to my face I felt it touch my face so I screamed and backed up and IT WAS A BAT!!!!! IN MY ROOM and he thought it was okay to fly at my FACE...rood but other than that we are doing good now we have the support of all the member which is AWESOME I miss Granada and Hna Avila a lot but life changes so we have to change  

All 4 Hermana's FIT in the same Taxi! 

"all my at truck"

On the way home from the Store.  :)

So we are four sisters two companionships living in the same house working in what feels like our own little mission over here in Nandaime...and its awesome I love you all and hope everything is going okay TE QUIERO MUCHO!! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Well this week another wonderful person made their way into the waters of baptism!! Well more than one I imagine but in my area one more!! He is awesome!! 

Well tomorrow we have changes and everyone in my zone and me as well all feel I am going to have changes I don’t want changes!! I love Granada and that is probably why I am out of here! 

Well funny story... So we went to get one of our investigators for church this past Sunday and we walked up to the door and asked if she was home and the daughter says "she says she isn’t here"....... So we invited the daughter she has about 15 years and she said sure I’ll go! So we said vamos! And she said right now? UH YES and she said I have to do something else right now.... oh man oh man...

The baptism went super well!! His whole family came and we had an investigator that brought more investigators it was AWESOME this guy is the future stake president!!  

The little boy that got baptized was supposed to get baptized a while ago but he got the Chicken Pox....I was freaking out a little... But he is better and no one else is sick!! 

Not much happened this week out of the ordinary, but today, this morning, we played soccer as a Zone and ate French toast! that was super fun but I was wearing my soccer Jersey from Mexico and when we were walking home I got glared at a lot apparently The Mexico soccer team isn’t liked down here haha. 

Un Beso por mi!

Josue with the Hermana's Avila and Udall.

Josue Garcia and Elder Barlow at Josue's baptism.

Celeste and Jr.  with Hermana Udall

Josue's family.

Josue and the Hermana's at his baptism.


Paola and Nicole (Hermana's live with them).

Jr. and Celeste (Celeste and parents recent converts).

Jr., Celeste and Maria's family with husband.

Celebrating his baptism with coke and a cake.

Breakfast, fried chicken, bread and orange juice.  :)

I love you all keep up the good work!!!  TE QUIERO MUCHO!!! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Pues esta semana fue muy rápido!!

I have changes next week....well the misión has changes I don’t know if I will or not I am hoping I won’t but I have this gut feeling I will I LOVE LOVE LOVE my área!! I am finally getting comfortable with all the people here which means I am outa here!! I am SCARED TO DEATH because everyone keeps saying Udall are you ready to train you ready to have a daughter uhhhhhhh NO Oh man I panic every time I think about it!! SO I haven’t been thinking about it!! I’m Smart sometimes haha.

Well here in Nicaragua it was Mother’s day this past week.....WOW it is a HUGE holiday here they decorate the streets and every mom has roses and cake(really weird cake) and they have HUGE parties....lots of drinking again but this is a HUGE day here we had an activity in the church for all the mothers and we had a TON of investigators there!! IT was awesome they did native dances and they sang and it was AWESOME annnnnnd I forgot my camera....I was super sad!!

Well I was walking in the Street on the sidewalk one second and the next I had fallen in a gutter....A lady pushed me.. Haha sweet sweet lady!! I fell in front of a man and his mother and I thought they were the ones that had fallen and couldn’t get up they were screaming so loud I thought I had lost a body part or was dead... BUT I got a muffin out of it hahahah a HUGE muffin!!!

SO in August here in Nicaragua they are going to have fairs BUT they are WAY different than the fairs in the States they have Toro’s..... Bulls running through the Street after people...... UHH awesome and scary!!! It will be interesting to watch!!

Well one of our investigators didn’t go to church this last Sunday because he fell asleep...... UH OOPS now he can’t get baptized this Saturday!! His Salvation depends on going to church and HE SLEPT through it talk about the ten virgins story!!

The Little girl that lives with us came into our room yesterday and wanted to eat breakfast with us so she did we ate cereal and she sat there and ate with us! Michelle is so cute!!
Michelle eating breakfast with the Hermana's!

MY PARENTS ARE ALMOST GRANDPARENTS AND I AM ALMOST AN AUNT!!! I am so excited!!!!! All the people in my area keep asking me about my niece if she is here yet it is awesome!!

Rain in my muddy street outside my apartment.

My Zone!
I love all of you and hope that you are sharing the gospel with everyone!!!