Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 23, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Hermana Jessica Udall-Arizona, new companion Hermana Butler-Colorado
I am in a place called Nindiri it is about 10 min in car it is on the way to Managua! My companion is from Colorado she is getting ready to finish her mission Sooooo I will be her last companion! The change meeting was good my Trainer went home this change I cried a lot! Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy but I didn’t even care she was the best!! And she left for Guatemala she is planning on going to BYU so I will probably end up seeing her!!!!

Algo crazy that happened okay so I don’t know how many of you remember my first baptism over there in Granada?? Okay well the guy that baptized my little girl married his girlfriend AND LIVES IN NINDIRI!!! My area now!! I walked into the church and he just started freaking out!! It was awesome!!! So I have people I already know here!!
WE have an investigator here named Clodomiro he is awesome!! He is 63 has stopped smoking drinking and a ton of other things it’s awesome!! we went to talk to him this week and he didn’t want to get baptized but didn’t think he was ready so we shared scriptures and I started talking to him and he goes are you some kind of Psychologist?? I said why?? And he said every time I don’t want to do something when I am done talking to you I want to......AWWWW YEAH!! jajaja that means I can listen to the spirit!!! That is awesome!
"28 February 2015 Clodomiro, My Baptism"
Sooo we were visiting a recent convert this week and a drunk guy showed up to talk to us and he looked at the little girl next to me and said you get out of the way I can’t see the woman! And I want to see this angel that is here in front of me....I won’t miss that when I get home jajaja
Okay so I just want to thank my dad for teaching me Direction skills when I was longer because I got to learn this area so fast! Given it is small but I did it!!

I am glad to be here I really am its hard but it’s such a blessing to my life I am so glad God loves me enough to bless me in the ways I need.
I have been out for almost 13 months I don’t know where the time has gone. I have seen sooooo many works of God I have learned another language I am a daughter of God! I have to go for now!! But I will write more next week!! I LOVE YOU ALL.
I found a chicken heart I my chicken dinner.  :)


Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015 (Masaya Nicaragua)


Alright first of all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY I love you all so much!!! But I hate to break it to you my dad is my one and only valentine!! 
Happy Valentines Day Dad!

This week was a little slow but it was good I don’t have any crazy experiencias this week but I am doing good Changes are this week we find out tomorrow what is going to happen I am so ready to hear what’s up what is the next adventure that I will have. 

I did have a conversation with a parrot this week. And saw two second of the suns game on TV....that was a shock back to reality.

I was laying there thinking one night when I couldn’t sleep about how crazy life is I am in a different country speaking Spanish.....I never thought about going on a mission and here I am talking to people that I have never met before about something that people this is personal but shouldn’t be at all. Religion is something people take as personal....but if we all need it and there is only one truth it is not personal at all it is a gift that should be given to EVERYONE.... God has one church one faith one baptism he loves us all equally and we need to ALL get back to the same place.... 

The other thing I was thinking about is the fact that if we don’t get along with someone it is usually our fault. God made us all different but we all have him in common there is no way we shouldn’t get along but everyone gets prideful. Serve the people you have a problem getting along with and look for the good en them. They are Children of God too

I love this work so much. It has taught me patience it has taught me love and it has taught me that I am me... I was made the way I was made because God needs me that way. He plans everything!! I hope you will all come to realize how special you all truly are. And when you do.... Love it Live it and Share it. That is how you will keep it!! 

I hope God blesses you all this week. He knows you and he loves you!! 

Until next week! Praying for you always!! 
Hermana Combs and Hermana Udall with Valentine Wishes.

One of many walls with murals in the city.

Bird had a conversation in Spanish with Jessica.

Lake Catarina


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9, 2015 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Hermana Estervina came to visit me!!!! (From previous area)

Well everyone we are just getting it done over here in Monimbo this was actually an amazing week!! We went to Managua on Wednesday for an AMAZING multizone. Where Elder Duncan the area President came and talked to us it was like a spiritual awesomeness that is just indescribable. WE were introducing ourselves to him and he just saw my name tag and said ¨ must be from Arizona...¨ I just smiled and said yes! Born and RAISED and he said look like a Udall. It was crazy!! That meeting was just amazing he presented the new area plan that is going to work so well!! I am so excited that I get to be part of this plan and helping it start I seriously have been part of sooooo many awesome things in my mission from the dedicating of the Mexico MTC to actually going to the MTC and for just being in this country I LOVE NICARAGUA . At this conference we did the choir thing and I sang SOPRANO.....I was crazy....anyway something cool that Elder Duncan said that made me cry a little was this he said you are all Nicaraguans and you will always be Nicaraguans. In 20 years people will be talking about Nicaragua or people from there and they will be talking about part of you. They will be talking about people you love places you know. God sent you guys here to become part of the people and you have done it. In the preexistence you were friends with these people you knew them and loved them and always will. God sent your mission president not to Nicaragua for the people he sent them here for YOU they were called to help YOU. This made me think back on this crazy year I have had and all the wonderful things I have experienced I would not trade any of this for the world. God is aware of ME he knows ME and has a plan for ME I am just humbled by the fact that his perfect plan included me. Hus timing is PERFECT there is no flaw. He is AMAZING I am his daughter and he loves me.

Okay on a funnier note the Elders took us to get a coke for our Year mark and we were sitting there and Elder Scheffler says do you guys want to hear what happened to me???? I was teaching the Word of Wisdom today and I tried saying all the 5 things that are prohibited and I tried reading the pamphlet and that thing is not in Spanish!! We looked at it and it was in Portuguese.....WHAT IS THAT??? Poor guy jajaja but it was awesome. then I was talking about one of our investigators with my district leader and all the sudden we just stopped and watched this motorcycle drive was not just a normal motorcycle this thing not only had a family of 4 on it but the dad that was driving was wearing a pot on his the one you boil water in and he was using it as a helmet....All Elder Carter did was look at me and we both just died laughing I seriously feel like I am living in a movie sometimes  oh man I love this country.

So yesterday we ate about 8 times. and not just little snacks we ate 8 meals....eggs beans and rice eggs beans and rice eggs beans and rice... given the food was super good and we rarely have that made food dates but whaaaaaaat my stomach today is still mad at me.. It first started in the morning  when the people that live with us we gave them a thank you note and a picture and the next thing we know they were knocking on our door with a TON of food and I am not one that usually eats breakfast...and then we went to church and the primary gave us food we came home and had our lunch date then we went to visit a family and ate beans and platanos and then we had another dinner lesson and then another I am so grateful of the fact that I have a ton of people looking out for me here Bob Marley says don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright!! I didn’t like Masaya much when I came here but it has honestly grown on me I love it and don’t want to leave quite yet. We have this last week in this change and then I might get put in my last area of the mission....that’s crrrrazy!! 

Well we are hoping and praying that our baptism on Saturday will go as planned!! 

English classes are going good. 

My district is awesome

My companion is awesome. 

I love this country.

District Monimbo Elders and Hermana's

Hermana Combs-Utah, Hermana Galvez-Guatemala, Hermana Udall-Arizona

Little member boy from Jessica's L.D.S. Ward in Masaya.

One of her meals.

Friday, February 6, 2015

February 2, 2015 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Naigeli and Iris

Well everyone this year has been the most amazing year of my life...I have grown and changed so much.. I love this gospel more than ever before I love people in general I love being here... I know that this life is NOT easy but it is not impossible I love my life and I am scared for the after part but I am so sure that what I do now will  directly affect what happens afterwards and Gods plan and timing are PERFECT and if I ask him AND LISTEN I will always be happy!! He knows us all and loves us! I love you all and hope you guys will always remember what he did for us!! 
Well this week I ended up in Managua twice the first time Thursday and then today Elder Duncan is our Area President he is coming here to talk to the mission so we are practicing for a choir so I was directing the girl’s part so we headed on over there and want to know a miracle?? THE HAVE SUBWAY IN MANAGUA...and McDonalds but oh buddy I have missed Subway jajaj I thought of Morgan the whole time.....jeje 
Anyway so While I was leading that song today I just missed music a lot and I just started thinking God gives people different types of blood....not like the real blood that is red it’s a.....I cannot remember that word.....brogan would know anyway my blood just comes out dancing with music notes and I love it!! I just want to have that in my life ALWAYS I was blessed with parents that love music and a mom that looooooooves all that kind of stuff I just think it’s amazing!!
So this week we went and visited Armando he is our Jehovah Witness investigator and we have had so many problems with him he just keeps saying that he will get baptized in my time and I am just saying DUDE WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DIE TOMORROW and he just wouldn’t listen so this last week we went with the Elders to talk to him sat down and talked about The Word of Wisdom because he didn’t want to stop drinking coffee and then we just talked and bore testimony of everything we knew and I took out a picture of Jesus I have had in my scriptures and gave it to him and said look buddy use this when you want to drink every time I have wanted to lose my patience and yell or get mad I look at this and I calm down I KNOW it will help you and he looked at me and said how long have you had that I said my whole mission and he got this really impressed look on his face and he said before you leave I will give you something I have saved since child hood and I just looked at him and said I just want to see you get baptized and he just sat there and looked at us all quiet and we didn’t say anything for about 5 min and then he said let’s put a goal for my drinking coffee first....PROGRESS!!!!!!!! awwwwwww yeeeeeeeah!!! So the 7 is his goal for coffee and 14 for his baptism!!! I am so relieved and happy!!  
The work is going maybe not as fast as I want but it is going I love you all and will see you well write you next week!!!! 
Elder Scheffler-Utah, Elder Carter-Idaho, Hermana Combs-Utah, H. Udall-Arizona

Familia Namajudi

Recent convert Hermano Trinidad


Yea!!!! Subway!