Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 27, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Alberto's baptism! 
Alberto got baptized!!! It was awesome a lot of people came to the baptism and it was just wonderful!!! 

Well this week was a very good one. Sometimes God just blesses us a lot during one week and sometimes he makes us work for our blessings!!  

This week one of our old investigators that we stopped teaching for a while because he wasn’t progressing we put a baptismal date with him!!! EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN GODS TIME. I remember every time I tried and tried and tried to get someone to get baptized and they just didn’t want to or something always came up and in the end we stopped teaching them but there they were in the area book just waiting for their time to come and I am starting to hear from all my other areas THAT THEIR TIME IS NOW it is sooooo exciting to hear that lots of the people I started teaching in Granada.. Are getting baptized as well in Nandaime and even in Monimbo!! It’s AWESOME 

Well I am officially one of the older sisters in the mission I am going to complete 15 months on Sunday..... Everyone has started saying well you are leaving!! It makes me sad! I just don’t know what to feel I want to see my family but I want to stay here doing this forever. 

I just wanted to say I KNOW with every atom in my being that this church is true. I KNOW that Jesus is my Savior and through him my life is happy!! 

Hermana Jessica Udall (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Jessica's buddy Tadeo.
Well another week has gone buy and I just don’t know what to do with my self
This weekend we have a baptism planned for one of my WONDERFUL investigators his name is Alberto I am so excited for him his family and him have been through a lot and they just need this extra boost of blessings that will come from this!!!
Well this week was stake conference so it was nice to see everyone from Monimbo again I just love them all and with changes coming up I don’t want to leave Masaya but It looks like I will be getting one more area before I have to leave this wonderful place I have called home for 18 months it is crazy soooo many things have happened since I have been here at home and here in this country Siblings have gotten married and Have become parents. Sisters have graduated from college and been made Presidents of awesome things my parents have worked hard as ever I am so proud of my family and everything them have been through and done.
In My mission I have seen drunk men sleeping in the street get up and change their lives from black to white I have seen people that couldn’t get pregnant have children. I have seen broken families get fixed broken hearts mended and it’s all because one man loved us all sooo much that He died on the cross for us and we can use this to help not only us change but the lives of others.....don’t be selfish share it.
There have been moments when I’ve cried from joy and from sadness and from stress. I have been frustrated and annoyed but I have learned which feelings come from God and which ones don’t belong. I wake up in the morning now and feel like I am a million bucks and not just 2 I love everyone around me as if they were family I walk down the street here and everyone knows my name and trusts me to help them wash clothes or to cook or to just share a message that will help them be happy I got sent to THIS country on purpose there was not ANY mistake made AT ALL I love it here and I love who sent me more than anything!
Those who are thinking to serve DO IT those who have THANK YOU and those that think they can’t or won’t be able to you can whenever and wherever... if you have neighbors or friends you can!! Just make it happen people!! I love ya´ll sooooo much!! hope you all stay happy and if you aren’t look for something that will help unhappy people are that way by choice....more next week!!
The picture is of my little buddy Tadeo he went to eat lunch with us and his mom.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 13, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua).

4 Hermana's in Nicaragua on their preparation day.
Well this week was good!! We had some cool things happen! Lester got Confirmed!! WAHOOOOO and my companion tried Dr. Pepper for the first time!! I will have you know it was a miracle we even found Dr. Pepper!! Anyway she wasn’t too amazed....but that’s okay everyone has their likes....I guess... jaja. 

Well cool story for the week I have started buying mandarin oranges so that when we pass by people that are smoking I just say if you throw that away I will give you this so they usually throw the cigarette on the ground and then we start teaching them about the Word of Wisdom so we did that again this week and the guy told me he was going to go to church on Sunday and I honestly didn’t believe him woman of little faith I guess but on Sunday I was sitting there waiting for the meeting to start and in he walks and he lifted both of his hands up as if to say Elvis has entered the building and then he started waving at everyone I was dying sooooo funny. Crazy guy now has a baptism date and oh man he is funny. 

We also started teaching a new family this week! They are positive so far! 

Jonathan one of our investigators that is going to get baptized in July is 15 he always talks about when he is an Elder it’s awesome!! I am so excited for him we sent him to contact someone the other day and he walked up and said you why are you sitting on this bench and not getting baptized?? Do you want to go to hell?? And this guy on the bench is now one of our investigators. It was so crazy!! 
Well spiritual thought for this week If God is in your life Satan can’t be. Be sure you know what is going on in the lives around you before you judge them. The gospel HELPS EVERYONE!!! I love you all keep your heads up.

My Building where my "Branch" meets.

Jessica at Catarina


From a Cashew Tree in my yard!

April 6, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Jessica and her new "Nicaraguan" companion Hermana Ordonez.
“I have a companion from Nicaragua”! …Well I gave that surprise away now didn’t I! Oooops! Well now ya know I have a new friend. My two best friends got changed out of the district and my DL is now my ZL its crazy awesome!!!! 

Well I am going to have to go back and re watch conference I was running around with investigators but hey we got 12 of them to watch the conference!! I got to eat lunch with my family from Masaya!!! And I got to see everyone from the ward!! I was famous.....but seriously EVERYONE knew me I didn’t realize how many friends in Masaya I have!!! I LOVE IT!!! 

Well the last session of conference I TRIED watching it in English It was wayyyy to fast.... and the guy from Africa I had NO Idea what was going on I literally felt as lost listening to English as I didn’t when I first got here.... oh man.... I can say though that the spirit is the same!! That was awesome!! 

Well this week was just fun I feel like sooo much stress has been lifted this last change my investigators and everything else were just wearing on me but now I am wonderful! 

Today I had to go to the offices first time in my whole mission I missed a part on a baptism form sooo I had to head over there! And man I don’t like Managua jaja I love the other parts of this county but Managua no! 

Well I am heading to complete 15 months I am so grateful for this time I have left it is such a blessing I wish I would have more time but I know my mama misses me jeje and my dad too. I will be glad to see you all and hear your testimonies!! You are always thought of!!! By me that is jaja! Man my English is special!! 
Well I love you all!!

"Me and Mery" (sic)
Jessica and Hermana Joselin.

Jessica and Hermana Butler before she went home to Colorado.

Jessica and Hermana Ordonez.

March 30, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Well I was in charge of two areas this week because my companion and one of the other sisters had to keep going to Managua so I was with a girl still in her training trying to get numbers and lessons done for two areas and get baptisms ready 

CARLOS GOT BAPTISED he did it we were worried he was going to have problems breathing but he did just fine. The Zone leaders came and helped him get baptized and Hermano Lester got baptized too but he didn’t get confirmed that means he is going to have to wait two weeks!! That’s going to be hard!! 

Okay so the change of the mission stuff they didn’t actually announce anything in the meeting I am sure they just came so they could shake all of our hands and get to know us a little so the spirit could tell him what they needed to do with us we don’t know what is going to happen yet but I will keep you posted. 

I will be getting a new companion this week because my other companion is finishing her mission. I am excited and nervous as always. I hope all is well at home and everyone is being good! 

I want you all to know that you all have a job in life not a physical get up and go job but a spiritual job someone in your life next to you if they are members or not sometimes just need an extra boost in life. Help them don’t be afraid. Look for ways to serve and love people! And they will love you in return! I love you all so much! And I will more than likely be seeing you in Aug.