Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Well another week has flown by we had a baptism Saturday which was really good the only bad thing is she was scared of the water and cried a lot poor girl her name is Iris Celeste she is 9 years old and she is just the sweetest little girl ever!! 

Hermana Gomez from Guatemala, Hermana Udall, Iris and Diego.

We had another really cool experience we have an investigator that got kicked out of his house because his family didn’t want him there so he came here to Masaya to work but didn’t have any friends so he got into drinking and smoking when my companion first contacted him they were thinking wow he isn’t very positive and didn’t really go back when I got here we decided to go visit him again so we taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he said that he wanted to change so he has stopped drinking but the cigarettes he was smoking about 20 everyday so we set goals with him that every day he was going to smoke less and less we invited him to church and he didn’t go but this last week we invited him and yesterday when we went to get him there he was waiting we got to the church and showed him around nobody had gotten there yet we had to leave to bring someone else but there was one of the strongest members of the church he was waiting there so we felt safe leaving him there for just a little bit when we came back he looked so happy we finished the meeting and he stayed for the second class but then had to leave but later that night we went to his house and he came out super excited and we asked him how he felt and he said I wanted to cry it felt so good to feeling something good from life I felt a peace and joy that I never have before he said I have been to a lot of churches before but they never felt like this. So my companion took the moment and ran with it! We got to testify that that feeling was the holy ghost telling him that he had found the true church and he was doing what he was supposed to they we asked him how many cigarettes he had smoked that day and (remember it has only been a week) and with a huge smile he said ONE he went from 20 to One in a week! These are miracles of God. and I get to see things like this every day if you have been thinking about going on a mission DO IT and if you haven’t been thinking about it NOW is the time to start doesn’t matter if you are a married couple or single ask Heavenly Father and he will tell you what is the right thing to do!! 

We have a Recent Convert her name is Lola she is about the funniest person I have ever met we were in the baptism this last Saturday and she was telling a story that she was walking to the baptism but half way there he skirt broke and fell to the ground IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET so she had to go back home to change and then Sunday she busted into Relief Society and said super loud  SISTER I WAS LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM and I didn’t know what to do I was screaming and nobody heard me I started crying and I was screaming and nobody heard me but then a little girl came and climbed under the stall and opened it for me.....My companion and I almost died laughing and she did to we had to leave so that we weren’t a distraction oh man it was super funny...

This last Friday they had what they call Halloween down here EVERYONE was dressed in black and had super scary masks on oh man worst night ever they were just running around scaring everyone I almost died.

I love you all and hope all is well!! Talk to you next week!! 
Current Zone of Elders and Sisters

Current Zone in Masaya in front of a mural about that particular volcano (Masaya).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Well everyone I had changes! I am in a place called Masaya it is one of the bigger cities that has THE BIGGIEST market in all of Nicaragua I love my area and my new companion Her name is Hermana Gomez she is also from Guatemala Jalapa it is in Mission South in Guatemala she is awesome!! But they closed my area in Nandaime and now Nandaime is just one HUGE area it was super sad the elders called me at 11 30 at night to tell me they were going to close my area I just started crying but I know that it will be okay. The only thing I worry about is Griselda and Brunilda but they have support.. 

Today for P day we went Volcano Masaya mom would have LOVED it but it looks a TON like Arizona there it was kinda cool but I couldn’t breath because it was a lot higher than I am used to.......I am going to die when I get home 

I think you might have all heard about the earthquake again this was a pretty big one but there was only one and now we are all good there is just a TON of rain but I have decided....I don’t like earthquakes

This last change I felt like I had no excitement for the work but right now I can feel it flowing through me like it’s part of me again I LOVE IT
I am forgetting English.....There are a bunch of new elders here that are from the States one is from Gilbert Arizona he is AWESOME but they keep trying to talk to me in English and it makes me super nervous and I just can’t do it.... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spanish!!! 

I will write more next week when I have adjusted to my area but I LOVE you all!!!

My new Companion Hermana Gomez from Jalapa Guatemala.
Hermana Udall at the edge of Volcano Masaya.

Picture of Volcano Masaya's history.


Pathway up to the mouth of the Volcano Masaya.

Looking down into Volcano Masaya.

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Well this week went by SUPER fast because it’s the week before changes tomorrow I find out what I will be doing for the next six weeks wish me luck!!! 

This week it rained ALL week long I missed the sun! And I was cold!! For the first time in my mission I was super cold and it was only like 78 degrees......I am going to die when I get home...

Well today for P-day we went and played volleyball and soccer with the Zone because like 5 of them are finishing their missions this week I am super sad but that’s the mission life I was playing soccer but then I started guarding like I was in Basketball....and it worked really well.... but I screened someone....and they scored so I think you can mix the two right?? Grandpa Frank would tell me no hahahah! 

Well Our Taxi driver isn’t going to get baptized for a while we had a few problems with him so I hope that in the near future it will work out it is hard to have the truth sometimes because no matter how hard you try and share it sometimes it’s just not their time and we must wait patiently for them to come around to it. 

This last week Hermana Brunilda turned 90!! So we had a cake and everything it was wonderful!! she has been super sick they sent her to the hospital in Granada she is having some of the same problems that Grandpa Frank makes me scared and sad 

WE GOT A PIANO IN THE CHURCH it is probably the coolest thing it plays the hymns for you!! So cool.....
Hermana Udall and the new Piano for church.

New Piano

Well I will tell you more this coming week I love you all!!!! 



Lost Power Ranger in the rain.  Ha ha.
More RAIN.

                     Hermana's Atkinson, Vargas, Martinez, and Udall wet after Soccer in the Rain.

People we eat meals with...Humberto, Maria Teresa, Christopher, and Marizza.


Birthday Cake for 90 year old Brunilda.

Jessica with Birthday girl (lady) Brunida and her cake.

Hermana Udall from Eagar AZ and Hermana Grow from Mesa AZ started same day on their missions.

Hermana Martinez, Ernesto (14, he's huge) and Hermana Udall.

Little member crying in church... Jessica consoled her so mom handed her over....

Hermana Martinez, Hermano Carlos (like my grandpa here), and Hermana Udall.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Well I have been in good ol Nicaragua for 8 months it seems so much shorter than that the work of the Lord is flying but at the same time Satan is working so much harder to distract the children of God! 

This week we took Hermana Brunilda to the doctor for her foot and she is getting so much better her calf was hurting he super bad and she had a big hole in her foot but it is getting so much better. 
I got to work with Hermana Avlia this week....well she was here in Nandaime but was in the other area. She is one of the Sister Leaders so she goes and works with all the sister missionaries to help them it was so good to see her!! Her grandma died yesterday so we ran into each other in Jinotepe because she came to call her family and when she saw me she started to cry and said I just needed on of your hugs I love I miss her so much!!  
We went to Rivas for our district meeting this last Friday and when we were coming back we took one of the big buses that are like old school buses back to Nandaime because the little ones make me SUPER sick but we were waiting for this bus to leave for about an hour so I was almost sleeping when this lady came on the bus and she hit me in the head with her bag and I think she had glass or something in her bag because it hurt and I had a goose egg afterwards. These buses make me laugh they are so crazy and this bus we were in had White people speaking English was super weird I didn’t know what to do my head hurt because it recognized English but was thinking in Spanish it was crazy..
There are a TON of missionaries in the world and I am so lucky to be one of them the world is about to know the truth and so there are about to a ton of problems because with the truth come the false so just remember who you are stay strong to what you believe. 
We had a conference just for sisters this week it was awesome to see President again I walked into the room where all the sisters were sitting and president said and here is the Famous sister Udall...uh okay I just started laughing The conference was super awesome we learned so much!! 
General Conference was super awesome it was so good to listen to the talks of the Prophet I love this gospel!! It was also good to see good ol USA again jajaja even if it was Utah and not Arizona. 
Today for Pday we played volleyball as a Zone because a lot of missionaries in my zone are finishing their mission this change which is the 15th of this month so SUPER soon. 
Well I hope you all are well!
Love you all hope to hear from you soon!! 
4 Hermana's working in Nandaime Nicaragua at present.

Hermana Martinez, H. Udall, H. Avila, H. ???

Hermana Udall and companion Hermana Martinez

H. Perera, H. Grow, H. Udall, H. Galagher.  All have same time in the mission.

Jessica and 1st Companion Hermana Avila from Guatemala.

Hermana Udall and Hermana from Australia (name???)

Hermana Udall's WALL.  Photo's from home etc...

Sister Russell, Hermana Udall, President Russell (Mission President and wife)