Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Pues esta semana fue muy rápido!!

I have changes next week....well the misión has changes I don’t know if I will or not I am hoping I won’t but I have this gut feeling I will I LOVE LOVE LOVE my área!! I am finally getting comfortable with all the people here which means I am outa here!! I am SCARED TO DEATH because everyone keeps saying Udall are you ready to train you ready to have a daughter uhhhhhhh NO Oh man I panic every time I think about it!! SO I haven’t been thinking about it!! I’m Smart sometimes haha.

Well here in Nicaragua it was Mother’s day this past week.....WOW it is a HUGE holiday here they decorate the streets and every mom has roses and cake(really weird cake) and they have HUGE parties....lots of drinking again but this is a HUGE day here we had an activity in the church for all the mothers and we had a TON of investigators there!! IT was awesome they did native dances and they sang and it was AWESOME annnnnnd I forgot my camera....I was super sad!!

Well I was walking in the Street on the sidewalk one second and the next I had fallen in a gutter....A lady pushed me.. Haha sweet sweet lady!! I fell in front of a man and his mother and I thought they were the ones that had fallen and couldn’t get up they were screaming so loud I thought I had lost a body part or was dead... BUT I got a muffin out of it hahahah a HUGE muffin!!!

SO in August here in Nicaragua they are going to have fairs BUT they are WAY different than the fairs in the States they have Toro’s..... Bulls running through the Street after people...... UHH awesome and scary!!! It will be interesting to watch!!

Well one of our investigators didn’t go to church this last Sunday because he fell asleep...... UH OOPS now he can’t get baptized this Saturday!! His Salvation depends on going to church and HE SLEPT through it talk about the ten virgins story!!

The Little girl that lives with us came into our room yesterday and wanted to eat breakfast with us so she did we ate cereal and she sat there and ate with us! Michelle is so cute!!
Michelle eating breakfast with the Hermana's!

MY PARENTS ARE ALMOST GRANDPARENTS AND I AM ALMOST AN AUNT!!! I am so excited!!!!! All the people in my area keep asking me about my niece if she is here yet it is awesome!!

Rain in my muddy street outside my apartment.

My Zone!
I love all of you and hope that you are sharing the gospel with everyone!!!  

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  1. bello grupo de valientes que hamado su cruz y han seguido el camino real de jesucristo