Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Well this week another wonderful person made their way into the waters of baptism!! Well more than one I imagine but in my area one more!! He is awesome!! 

Well tomorrow we have changes and everyone in my zone and me as well all feel I am going to have changes I don’t want changes!! I love Granada and that is probably why I am out of here! 

Well funny story... So we went to get one of our investigators for church this past Sunday and we walked up to the door and asked if she was home and the daughter says "she says she isn’t here"....... So we invited the daughter she has about 15 years and she said sure I’ll go! So we said vamos! And she said right now? UH YES and she said I have to do something else right now.... oh man oh man...

The baptism went super well!! His whole family came and we had an investigator that brought more investigators it was AWESOME this guy is the future stake president!!  

The little boy that got baptized was supposed to get baptized a while ago but he got the Chicken Pox....I was freaking out a little... But he is better and no one else is sick!! 

Not much happened this week out of the ordinary, but today, this morning, we played soccer as a Zone and ate French toast! that was super fun but I was wearing my soccer Jersey from Mexico and when we were walking home I got glared at a lot apparently The Mexico soccer team isn’t liked down here haha. 

Un Beso por mi!

Josue with the Hermana's Avila and Udall.

Josue Garcia and Elder Barlow at Josue's baptism.

Celeste and Jr.  with Hermana Udall

Josue's family.

Josue and the Hermana's at his baptism.


Paola and Nicole (Hermana's live with them).

Jr. and Celeste (Celeste and parents recent converts).

Jr., Celeste and Maria's family with husband.

Celebrating his baptism with coke and a cake.

Breakfast, fried chicken, bread and orange juice.  :)

I love you all keep up the good work!!!  TE QUIERO MUCHO!!! 

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