Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 25, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Well here I am again the time is going SO FAST it just seems to always be Monday which is okay but I don’t want to leave just yet! 

This week was good super stressful but super good We had interviews with President on Tuesday which was good he always knows exactly what to say when I need to be "kicked in the butt" He said sister Udall you have SO much potential SO SO SO much potential but you CANNOT do ANYTHING wrong he said you are doing good right now but in this short year you have left you need to work SUPER hard to meet this potential.  He gave me some other super good advice and he also told me I have an Accent.......crap....hahahhahhaha 

Today all of my District came to Nandaime and I cooked pancakes and French toast and fried potatoes (how my mama does them mmmmm!) and eggs it was SUPER good there are 8 sisters in my district and 2 Elders. Everyone is training in the district or they are IN training well everyone but my companion and I.....but everyone is sure that I am training this next change.....I hope not I am super scared to train but we will see what happens. 

Zone Breakfast via Hermana Udall
So here in Nandaime there are a ton of animals pigs horses chickens dogs cats bird A TON and on Saturday they were all doing super strange things... I was just laughing all day because the animals here are CRAZY 

I gave the lesson in our district meeting this last Friday it was about how we can find new people to teach it went pretty well I think It wasn’t very long but our Zone leader said he learned a lot And then on Sunday I gave a talk in Church and then the Teacher for the second class wasn’t there so we gave the lesson for that too. It was super busy day but it was good! Sundays always make me think of my family I love and miss you all so much but I know that for this short time I have left these 11 months I have left are going to FLY by and by the time I finish I won’t want to go. 

God chose me a crazy white girl to help these people in Nicaragua and I am so so so grateful for that I am grateful to know that at one point in my mission I am going to have an un-failing testimony of this gospel and of my Savior Jesus Christ 

Nicaragua is SUPER DUPER hot but the gospel is the same here and in the United States there are no differences Jesus Christ is the SAME today tomorrow and FOR EVER 

OH OH OH My recent convert, Griselda...SHE IS PREGNANT!!!! she was told that she was NEVER EVER EVER going to have children again and she got her first daughter taken away from here it was just awful but one day when we were teaching I looked and her and said Griselda if you are keeping the commandments ALL OF THEM and you get baptized do you think God will bless you with your daughter? And do you think it is possible He can’t bless you with another child?? And she said yes Hermana Udall I believe he can and I said Griselda are you going to do EVERYTHING you can to be obedient? and she said yes and I said Grisleda I KNOW with all my heart God can do miracles and he loves you with all his heart and will help you if you let him....I have the power and authority to promise blessings and if  I have the faith that they are going to happen they will it is AMAZING 

I love this gospel and everything about it!!!!! I am going to have 7 months pretty soon this has been the craziest most stressful most fun time of my life!!! I love you all more next week!! Adios!!! 

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