Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Well I have my residency here in Nicaragua!! I am Nica!! Hahaha it’s awesome!! 

I've lived in Nicaragua long enough to gain my "residency card"!
This week on Tuesday we received a message from our Zone leaders that said that today they had some goals for us, one of them being that we needed to contact 100 persons....people...(slowly losing my English here)! This day we contacted 101 personas and as a Zone 1031 people. I KNOW without a doubt the Lord has a plan for Zona Jinotepe!!!!!

This week one of the members here in Nandaime passed away and I was in charge of directing the music and the four of us sang....I sang a SPANISH it was crazy 

WE were contacting in the street the other day and this lady came up to us and asked us if we pray for people and for houses.....uhhhh yes and she they began to tell everyone in the street that we could pray for houses...we went in the houses and taught and then said a prayer....weird weird wierd but awesome. 

The parties and celebrations in Nandaime have FINALLY stopped. The whole month of July there were parties EVERYDAY and it was crazy!!! But now we will be able to work and contact EVERYONE. 

I love my mission and everything about it! Some things are hard but with the Lord anything is possible. 

Hermana Udall

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