Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Hola Familia y amigos!!!!! 

Well tomorrow we will hear about changes and I don’t feel as nervous as the last time I know that it every part of this mission everywhere that I will go has people that NEED the gospel so I will LOVE everywhere I go because’s NICARAGUA!!!! 

On Thursday I will be completing 7 months and you can tell when I try and speak English because it doesn’t work so well there are a ton of people here that want to practice English and they laugh at me jajajaja It doesn’t feel like 7 months it still feels like I just got here but I have seen so many miracles in this short time I have been so stressed so irritated (the Elders jajajajajaj) and so Happy here in my mission I would and will not change it for anything. 

Well we have FINALLY come into the wet season it has rained here every day this last week usually in the night time and the Lightning is crazy and there is a TON of it and when it rains the streets are full up to my knees in water and I am tall and the Nicaraguan people are not soooo just imagine 

Well I sang at a funeral once here for a member that passed away and yesterday we went to visit his mother(Brumilda) and we were talking and she can’t walk because her foot is infected and I looked and her and said Hermana do you want to get baptized and usually I am not that blunt but it just came out of my mouth she said yes yes Sister I do but I can’t go to church I have no money to take a taxi and I can’t walk and I said Hermana I know without a doubt if you want to do this God will give you a way. Well Wheelchairs here are SUPER rare because they are expensive But that night WE FOUND ONE...super-fast we found one.. THIS SISTER IS GETTING BAPTISED!!!! 

Well the people here drink a lot of soda and we were walking on our way to go to an activity in the church and we stopped to buy water in a pulperia a little store that is like on every corner and the guy said want soda an what else I am going to give it to you....then we went to the church and they gave us more soda then we went to dinner and they gave us more soda......when I get to the states.....not going to drink soda for five years just to clean my system out of all this soda!! 

WEll I have a testimony more stronger this week that it doesn’t matter who you are where you come from what you believe this gospel that I am preaching is for you...and at one point or another in your life you will come to learn that because all of our plans yes are different but they all end the same and God wants us happy so he sent his Son to die for us and to set up this church HIS church and this church is part of the plan HE has for ALL of us...I love this gospel and my Father in Heaven. Please if you are a member help other come unto this gospel and if you are not a member pray and ask just ask HIM what you need to do and he will tell you and when he does look for the missionaries they are ready to help!! 
LES QUIERO MUCHÍSIMO!! TALK to y'all next week!!
Hermana Martinez's Birthday Cupcake!
Happy Birthday Hermana Martinez
Hello it's me Hermana Udall
Mi cama.  Dad says he's never seen my bed made... Ha ha.

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