Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Well everyone I had changes! I am in a place called Masaya it is one of the bigger cities that has THE BIGGIEST market in all of Nicaragua I love my area and my new companion Her name is Hermana Gomez she is also from Guatemala Jalapa it is in Mission South in Guatemala she is awesome!! But they closed my area in Nandaime and now Nandaime is just one HUGE area it was super sad the elders called me at 11 30 at night to tell me they were going to close my area I just started crying but I know that it will be okay. The only thing I worry about is Griselda and Brunilda but they have support.. 

Today for P day we went Volcano Masaya mom would have LOVED it but it looks a TON like Arizona there it was kinda cool but I couldn’t breath because it was a lot higher than I am used to.......I am going to die when I get home 

I think you might have all heard about the earthquake again this was a pretty big one but there was only one and now we are all good there is just a TON of rain but I have decided....I don’t like earthquakes

This last change I felt like I had no excitement for the work but right now I can feel it flowing through me like it’s part of me again I LOVE IT
I am forgetting English.....There are a bunch of new elders here that are from the States one is from Gilbert Arizona he is AWESOME but they keep trying to talk to me in English and it makes me super nervous and I just can’t do it.... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spanish!!! 

I will write more next week when I have adjusted to my area but I LOVE you all!!!

My new Companion Hermana Gomez from Jalapa Guatemala.
Hermana Udall at the edge of Volcano Masaya.

Picture of Volcano Masaya's history.


Pathway up to the mouth of the Volcano Masaya.

Looking down into Volcano Masaya.


  1. Hermana Udall, Thank you so much for posting these pictures! My son is Elder Paine! I was looking for a map of the mission and came across your blog. I clicked on it and imagine my joy and surprise to see him! He isn't able to send many pictures so it was great to get to see him again! He had told us about the trip to the volcano and we wish he had sent pictures. Seeing this made my day! Thank you again and if you happen to see him, tell him his mama says "Hi". Tiffany Paine

  2. hermoso trabajo que comparten con los hermanos y hermanas a como hoy escuche en el templo a un hermano elder* es que no he conocido un mormon que no sonria o este feliz* y es como una regla o cualidad que deberiamos de tener todos los hermanos de la iglesia verdadera de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dia ademas nuestro señor jesus siempre fue alegre y humilda y amoroso como hasta hoy felicidades hermanas aguerridad grandes luchadoras del reino bendiciones su amigo y hermano edmundo