Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Well this week went by SUPER fast because it’s the week before changes tomorrow I find out what I will be doing for the next six weeks wish me luck!!! 

This week it rained ALL week long I missed the sun! And I was cold!! For the first time in my mission I was super cold and it was only like 78 degrees......I am going to die when I get home...

Well today for P-day we went and played volleyball and soccer with the Zone because like 5 of them are finishing their missions this week I am super sad but that’s the mission life I was playing soccer but then I started guarding like I was in Basketball....and it worked really well.... but I screened someone....and they scored so I think you can mix the two right?? Grandpa Frank would tell me no hahahah! 

Well Our Taxi driver isn’t going to get baptized for a while we had a few problems with him so I hope that in the near future it will work out it is hard to have the truth sometimes because no matter how hard you try and share it sometimes it’s just not their time and we must wait patiently for them to come around to it. 

This last week Hermana Brunilda turned 90!! So we had a cake and everything it was wonderful!! she has been super sick they sent her to the hospital in Granada she is having some of the same problems that Grandpa Frank makes me scared and sad 

WE GOT A PIANO IN THE CHURCH it is probably the coolest thing it plays the hymns for you!! So cool.....
Hermana Udall and the new Piano for church.

New Piano

Well I will tell you more this coming week I love you all!!!! 



Lost Power Ranger in the rain.  Ha ha.
More RAIN.

                     Hermana's Atkinson, Vargas, Martinez, and Udall wet after Soccer in the Rain.

People we eat meals with...Humberto, Maria Teresa, Christopher, and Marizza.


Birthday Cake for 90 year old Brunilda.

Jessica with Birthday girl (lady) Brunida and her cake.

Hermana Udall from Eagar AZ and Hermana Grow from Mesa AZ started same day on their missions.

Hermana Martinez, Ernesto (14, he's huge) and Hermana Udall.

Little member crying in church... Jessica consoled her so mom handed her over....

Hermana Martinez, Hermano Carlos (like my grandpa here), and Hermana Udall.


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