Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 16, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Jonathan, Hermana Butler, Hermana Udall.

Well this Thursday we are having a HUGE meeting with the North Mission I have been practicing with a choir to sing these past two weeks and every practice I feel like I am at regional choir’s awesome. I love singing alto jeje. 

So I have been thinking about talents a lot this week and about how every single one of us have so many different talents that we don’t even realize are talents. So I want to share some of the ones I was thinking with you. 

Those people that just have it in their minds to serve everyone (my dad)

Noticing the small things about people and in situations that is a huge talent! 
Being Hard working
Talking to people when they are sad.

I just want all of you to see yourselves as Jesus sees you. To him you don’t have mistakes you have chances to be better. To Him you aren’t ugly you are one of the prettiest smartest people he knows. He knows you and loves you so much. If you have doubts. James 1:5 says just ask him. He will tell you HOW SPECIAL YOU ARE. 

I have seen so many people that I thought wow they will never get baptized. Or wow they are not EVER going to change... But that is not my place it is Gods the people I thought about like that ended up being my GREATEST converts God changes lives ask him for answers ask him for help he loves you!! 

Well this week I had the change to go on divisions with Combs so I headed back to my old area!! It was AWESOME I got to see everyone and say hello man I love them and miss that area!! I feel so blessed.

So today when we were coming to Masaya we went through a roundabout and there was a horse and buggy in front of a roundabout... oh man it was crazy. 

Well this week the Chikungunya struck again. But don’t worry I HAVE COME BACK TO LIFE jaja . God strengthens me through EVERYTHING it doesn’t matter what it is! 

I want you to all send me a question something you want to know about me or my mission and I will happily answer it for you!! I hope all is well with everyone!! LOVE YA xoxox
Rojer and his mission call!  I helped "reactivate" him. 

I sure love this kid!

I made dinner.

Where I sleep.

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