Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 9, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Hermano Clodomiro was baptized this week!
That’s right everyone!! He got baptized!!! Finally he got baptized and now he is teaching a bunch of kids that live around his house! It’s crazy he is so awesome!!! 

So I was talking to our branch president this week and he said he was in a conference the other day and a lady asked him where his missionaries in his branch were from(talking about the four of us in Nindiri we are all from the USA) and the lady said you have three Gringas and a Guatemalan right?? And president said uhhhh no just three gringas and she said no that girl is from Guatemala......whaaaaaaaaaat that’s crazy jajajaja 
This week was definitely interesting we taught some lessons that were really good and met some positive people we just have to teach them that Satan is going to play with their minds......I hate when he does that. 
Well this week I had choir practice for a big huge meeting we are going to have with the North Mission and the South mission it is going to be CRAZY 

I am sorry I didn’t write much this week I love you all!!!! 

My current House I live in.


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