Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 2, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

My New Zone after prepday softball.
So this week Clodomiro was supposed to get baptized but for crazy reasons he didn’t. I cried... it was awful but pray for him so that he can get baptized this week that is coming!! HE IS SOOOO READY. 

This morning as a Zone we played baseball it was crazy my zone is actually very awesome!! My zone leaders and from Guatemala and The Dominican Republic. It’s fun! My District leader is from Tonga...Elder Naupoto.. he is awesome.. 

This week so many things happened we have an investigator that we are teaching that is blind... I have been so ungrateful of sight my whole life I know I don’t have the best sight but heck I can still see. We asked him what is greatest joy was in life and he said the fact that I can still kind of remember when things look like and he can imagine what things look like.... It just amazes me how much God has blessed me it reminds me of my first area Granada when we had a member that only had one leg and she lived about six miles away from the church but that didn’t matter because EVERY Sunday there she was early so she could take the sacrament... This mission has made me so aware of all the things I do have. I was so selfish before my mission. All of you that have friends that aren’t members of the church invite them. Tell the missionaries because it doesn’t matter what problems we have the gospel has the answer. Just remember what James 1[5 says if you have doubts ASK GOD. if you are sad ASK GOD don’t complain about it. I did before and I shouldn’t have. 

This week I realized that if you want a good reason to do what’s right just think. We don’t have to suffer for our sins we can repent for them that is much easier. I know that the atonement is real. It is the only thing that will permit that we get to live with our families FOR THE ETERNITY. I know it’s true!! You guys are the best tools your friends and family that aren’t members have to receive this happiness God put us in their lives on purpose he doesn’t make mistakes. I love you all I KNOW you all and I know you all know that this is true. Share it. It should be like when your favorite team wins the game. SHARE IT. It should be like when someone gets engaged or has baby.. the happiness God has for us is way bigger and WAY happier than any of that but for some reason it is so much harder to share. Don’t be afraid fear comes from the other team. Be bold. I know you can. 

I love you all and miss you all so much. I have come so far and I don’t want to go back to the old me. Life was meant to go on not to go back. I hope you guys wake up every day and realize how special God made you. He made you unique HE LOVES YOU. Like my mom always said let it slide get up and get it done!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Talk to you next week!! 

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