Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015 (Diriamba Nicaragua)

New area Diriamba Nicaragua and a new companion Hermana Lagos from Honduras.

Well today they told me I will be going home the 6th of August.. I was sitting in Sacrament meeting this last week and they were singing I know that My Redeemer Lives and I looked at my investigators sitting next to me and I almost started crying.... I just had the strongest feeling that I don’t want to leave here I want all of you to come here!! 

Well I had changes this week I am  in Diriamba with Hermana Lagos she is seriously one of the Prettiest sister missionaries here I just love her ever since she got here I have wanted  to be her companion and here I am with her!! I just love it!! She is from Honduras!! 

Well I love you all. 

So we are teaching a kid named Eliezar he is awesome but he LOVES coffee... we need some ideas to help him to stop! Let me know what you think!! 

Then we met a girl named Alba this last week and she said yes I am going to church Sunday and SHE DID she is just so awesome she told us if God sent you here it’s because he wants something with me so let’s do this! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. 

Well this area I am in is FREEZING well not really it’s like Mesa in the winter but with Round Valley winds ALL THE TIME I love it but God is preparing me for life after house has an American looking bathroom and CARPET....and a walk in closet..... and there is a lady that cleans are house....It is soooo weird 

Well keep praying for rain here so these people can eat and have a break from the heat.

I love you all so much and will keep you updated on everything.
Laura, Victoria, Tadeo, Hermana Ordonez.

Laura and Hermana Udall

Laura, Hermana Udall, Ricarda

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