Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014 (CCM Mexico City)

Okay everyone well I made it through the first week I am going to try and send some pictures we took today okay well some things about my week so much has happened this week It is so crazy I can’t believe how far I have come! This is seriously THE HARDEST thing I have ever done! It is so emotionally physically and spiritually stressful but the spirit here is so so so strong! 

Sunday the CCM got dedicated and so Elder Oaks what here at the CCM I was like maybe 10 rows away from the pulpit it was awesome! During the dedication all the talks were in Spanish like everything else here at the CCM we pray in Spanish sing in Spanish Speak in Spanish EVERYTHING is in Spanish anyway Elder Oaks talk was in English which was good because then I could just focus on the spirit instead of trying to understand the spirit and let me tell ya the difference between a dedicated place and a not dedicated place is AMAZING oh my word its AWESOME!! 

Okay so my Spanish we taught our first investigator in SPANISH the third day we were here and it wasn’t too bad! It was actually kinda cool how good my Spanish was! The first full day we had here was awesome we had a series of orientations and classes that day but we walked into one of my classes and we were all sitting there waiting for our maestro and when he walked in and said alright elders y hermanas there is an investigator in the next room waiting for the missionaries so we are going to go in there so we all got up and went into the next room ( I was having a mild panic attack) but he said to be quiet and just observe so we all went and sat down in the room it was super awkward at first but then someone knocked on the door and it was two sets of missionaries the investigator answered the door (all of this was in ingles)and they came in and were just awful missionaries just so many things were wrong with how they were teaching and so our teacher had them and the investigator step out of the room for a little bit and asked what they did wrong and we discussed it and said things that they could do better so he had them come in again and start over and they were like so much better but they he had all of them leave again and he looked at us and said were there any questions you felt like you wanted to ask her but they weren’t asked and we said yes and so he said so all of you(there were about 30 of us) are going to be a big companionship and I want you to work together to help this investigator so she came in
and sat down and we all started asking things then I just got this over whelming warm feeling in my chest and but I didn’t know what to say so....I just opened my mouth and BAM all kinds of stuff was coming out that I didn’t even know I had in me it seriously was the most spiritual experience I have ever had it was amazing! But my Spanish is getting so much better it is super hard! But the better I get at Spanish the harder it is for me to speak English! It’s crazy! 

Okay so the muy interesante! It’s not too bad it’s just super weird Saturday they had curly fries and hamburgers and all the sisters in my district were so excited! I am never been so excited about food! I put lime on everything down here because it makes it taste like A TON better...I have to say though Mexican spaghetti with lime is kind of super weird! Every Tuesday night is Pizza night so it was pretty good last night it’s still super weird! 

Okay so I live in a house full of girls.....ya....there are 6 rooms in the casa and they all have 4 hermanas in them so yes that’s a lot of girls I have pictures of it I will send you. We get up at 6:30 every day and lights out is at 10:30 so.... I have some pretty long days that are so full that I never have time to be bored.

The only day I have really gotten home sick was Sunday and it was rough... I found that video on my camera of moms birthday when Mo Kel and I were all singing happy birthday to  her and I listened to it and cried....and I found that video of Brogan Morgan and Mykelti singing what does the fox say annnnd I cried... it was crazy! Other than that I have been good! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my district there are two sets of elders 3 sets of hermanas and we all get along so well and it just fun! The elders are crazy!! 

Okay so here is mom’s favorite part. I started getting a cold on Friday but I thought it was nothing so I didn’t worry about it but it kept getting worse so I went to the DR. here and he said I had the beginnings of pneumonia don’t freak out these people down here don’t mess around when they make medicine they gave me this stuff that’s like a sedative and I take 2 pills twice a day and I get a little loopy and super tired and they make me skip gym which by the way is the BEST part of the day yes I know that’s weird coming from me but I love that part of the day but instead of having fun I have to annoying anyway I had some of the elders give me a blessing (it was their first blessing!!!) and I feel so much better now I am little stuffy but other than that I am wonderful!! 

Well I am going to try and upload some pictures now Le amo mucho!!! 

Remember to serve everyone around you ALL the time because that is what truly helps you gain the true love of Christ and remember you are all missionaries too! As members you are truly the MOST IMPORTANT part of missionary work! So please please please serve people and love people! 

I love you all and hope to hear from you next week stay strong stay humble and stay clean!!


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