Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 5, 2014 "Reporting Day" (Phoenix-Mexico City)

Hola! Familia!! I am doing so wonderful!! I made it and it was awesome I do have to say though the people here drive.....I shouldn't say drive it’s like they are all drag racing down the street its nuts! Riding the plane was not bad at all!! The only bad part about it was landing.....sooo was weird I was in THE VERY BACK of the plane next to the bathroom....yay.. After the plane ride we got off and got our bags and met up with another flight of Elders y Hermanas there were 26 on our bus and there was another bus just as full there were SOOO Many!! Anyway I forgot how funny Mexico poor sensitive nose is going to have to get used to a lot!! I just ran into Hermana Poche. It was SO SO SO good to see her! she is so happy and she gave me some advice she said if you make it to Sunday you´ll be golden and don’t worry about your taste buds they will soon die ha-ha any way my companions name is Hermana Stephenson she is going to the same mission I am she is very sweet and nice Well all is well here my P-Day is on Wednesday so that is when you will hear from me next I love you all so much and hope you are doing well Tell everyone I love them and made it okay!! I am hoping to send the few pictures I took today 
Hermana Shelby Rawlins from Snowflake and Hermana Jessica Udall from Eagar
They made it!

                                                                                    Hermana Jessica Udall and new CCM companion Hermana Stephenson

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