Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 19, 2014 (CCM Mexico City)

Hello dearest family!!! This week has been awesome!! My companion and I got our first "investigator" to commit to baptism!! Woop woop!! And then Tuesday we started teaching a man named Carlos he is hard to keep him focused but this next lesson is all focused on him so we will see how it goes!! Yesterday we started teaching Julio which is his investigator name his real name is Hermano Gallegos and he teaches me Spanish every morning he is super nice! We went in and taught him and when we came out and went back to class and he looked and my companion and I and said that lesson was perfect! Did you feel that spirit!? Incredible!! I was walking in the clouds the rest of the day!! It was amazing! 

So this week has gone so so fast!! Like one day it was El dia de P and the next day we were having p day again! So we had a devotional this last Sunday and they talked about the reasons missions were so hard and the first thing they said was “Was the atonement easy??” NO! Then why would your mission be easy!? Being on your mission is like you are living the life of the lord you are serving teaching preaching and blessing people’s lives the only difference is HE DIED FOR YOU so you have it easy so you can do it!! 
I GAVE A TALK IN CHURCH ON SUNDAY! IN SPANISH!!!!! It was ALL in Spanish! It was basically amazing!! AHH it felt so awesome!! Well my companion and I are finally connecting! YAY it makes it SO SO MUCH EASIER to teach I think that is why parents have to get along so well because they are like missionary companions and their kids are like investigators!!! Awesome huh! 
So one day this week I woke up and I totally thought I was in my bed at home and I was so happy so I rolled over to see if Morgan had left for school and it was not Morgan it was my black roommate Hermana Bush oh my word it was the weirdest feeling EVER! But I finally figured out where I was and realized it was 3 o´clock in the morning!! It was very interesting! 

So this week I met a bunch of Latina sisters that are FROM Nicaragua!! They are amazing! So extremely nice to everyone I am SO SO SO EXCITED for my mission!! Whoooooo!!! My CCM president his name is President Pratt he got married in the Mesa temple!! So cool! 
Nosotros had Enchiladas this week!! They were super good but moms are still better! This last week we were sitting at dinner and I looked over at this table and this sweet sweet elder that is always serving people and it just flat out nice was crying and It just killed me all I wanted to do was treat him like I would Trevin or Brandon and just hug him and ask him what’s wrong it’s so HARD not to be able to comfort people like I would want to so I have learned so very much to rely on prayer because all I can do is pray that everything will work out for them! It’s so hard! 

I am so happy that you guys got to go through the temple this last weekend I miss the temple so so so much! I can’t go for 18 months because they are renovating the Mexico City temple and so we don’t get to go :( and my dear sweet country of Nicaragua doesn’t have a temple so go as much as you can EVERYONE go as much as you can it truly is the house of the lord! 
Just fun fact for everyone I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting pictures soooo that would be a nice thing is emailing me pictures!! Yay! Good plan!! 

Well I am almost out of time I love you all so very much!! Life is crazy here and sorry this is so short!! I would like to hear from more of you anything will be awesome! 

Yo se que el Evangelio es Verdad

Yo se que el Libro de Mormón es veredad 

I am so grateful for this gospel!! 
When I first came out I don’t think I knew for sure why I was out here but now I know and it is a sweet sweet feeling to wake up with no regrets and with the Lord on my side and go to bed the same way!! 

Stay strong stay humble stay clean!!

Elder Ryan Cluff from Show Low Arizona and Hermana Jessica Udall
This is the room where Language Study is done
as well as e-mailing on Prep days
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