Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Hola Hola everyone!! Another week has flown by I am in week 9 here in Nicaragua!! It doesn’t feel that long I am almost done with my training which means I will be changing cities OR companions OR I will be staying the same! Who knows!! I have loved Granada and the people here!! 

HERE COMES THE RAIN!!! The rainy season is coming!! I am so excited but then I don’t want it because I LOVE LOVE LOVE rain but here when it rains it only gets hotter!! BUT rain is awesome. 

This past week I had to go to Managua in a bus..... The buses here are something else and for those who get car sick it is just one huge joy ride hahahahaha. BUT I made it! I had to go because I am almost done with training so they are just seeing where we are in everything. It was fun we were in an air conditioned building!! Oh man Air conditioning is sent straight from heaven!! They gave us McDonalds afterwards.....hahahhaah I gotta say THAT I don’t miss from the states haha. 

Our wedding and Baptism is this weekend WHOO HOO!!!! We get to eat cake..... Cake is REALLY rare here and super AWESOME but I still have to say PIE will always be better 

It was wonderful seeing my family yesterday I got so nervous I forgot how to speak English but I loved seeing them! Anyone that sees my family give them a huge hug for me!! 
Group SKYPE shot.

Hermana & Name Tag Skyping

Hermana Udall Skyping Mothers day 2014

For P-DAY today we took a tour around Central here in Granada and saw all the HUGE Catholic churches they are soooo pretty! 
Horse Drawn Cart Tour

"Skittle" hands from Hermana Jessica


 I love you all and hope all is well!!! 

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