Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Hermana Udall doing her laundry!  :)

Laundry Day!
Nosotros tenemos una Matrimonio y Bautismo!!! We have a wedding and a baptism!!! He is an investigator and she is a member we hope this Saturday to be able to have a wedding and a Baptism! But Satan seems to hate families so we will be visiting them almost every day this week.

IT RAINED YESTERDAY!!! It was awesome while it was raining it felt cold and nice because it was at night but today is suuuuuper hot!! Haha the wet roads just steam but right now outside it looks like it will rain again. I still love the rain!! 

I am happy here at times God try’s my faith and I just want to curl up in a ball but I have learned to be patient just a little bit longer because right after the trial of our faith we see miracles Ether 12 I love the gospel and I know it is hard because the truth is never easy and is ALWAYS has opposition. I know this church is true because every time Satan gets a chance he pokes at it with a hot stick like that will make a difference haha nothing happens to rocks if you poke them with a hot stick they get a little charred but they are rocks....they are awesome...just like the gospel..

It is May!! As of today I have 3 months! It is crazy to me this time three months ago I was on a plane headed for Mexico City. I have changed a lot and I have grown closer to the gospel which for me is a miracle. I love love love the work of the Lord

This is a short one I am sorry about that but I just want you all to know I believe I believe I believe. I know Jesus lived and died for all of us every second of His life he spent for others never for Himself let us all try to be more like Him!! I love you all!!!

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