Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 26, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

This week was a crazy one!! This last Saturday my Zone baptized 9 people and had three weddings (mine was one of them) President Russell and Hermana Russell came to our baptism!! Our couple almost didn’t get married because Satan is a big bully! They got their house taken away and lost some of the Wedding papers Hermana Anna said nope I am done I am not doing this I looked and her and said do you have faith in Jesus or Satan annnnd she got married I kind of Machetera her but President said we CANNOT let our investigators make bad decisions 
First the Wedding...

Then the Baptism and a happy family with the Hermana's.
7 of the nine getting baptized this day.

Also funny story but super sad.... One companionship of sisters in my Zone were supposed to have a baptism but the guy got scared in the font and jumped out and ran for his life out of the church. The Zone Leaders chased after him INTO OUR AREA and got lost and didn’t think to call us for help.....oh dear elders....

This week we were doing daying planning and relaxing outside at the end of our day and the people we live with were all down stairs outside and all the sudden all of them started screaming.... My companion and I ran to see what was up and there was a HUGE ox running through the street... oh man Nicaragua is awesome hahaha 

We have an investigator he is 28 years old and he is always wanting to impress my companion and I and this last Sunday he texted our mission leader and said please tell the sisters I can’t go to church I am in Managua but our mission leader didn’t tell us that so we were calling and calling and calling him and he called and said I am coming I just need to take a taxi so this poor guy shows up to the church and is RUNNING and he falls.... oh man.... I almost died he got up and said Hermanas Hermanas Hermanas I am here!! 

There is a lady in our Branch that doesn’t have a leg and she lives WAY WAY WAY out in the middle of nowhere but she WALKS with here crutch thingies to work EVERY SUNDAY if that isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is!! 

The enchiladas here are WAY WAY WAY different than in the US hahaha WAY different but SUPER good one of my favorite foods!! I love Nicaraguan food! Well most of it :) 

Well I love the work here and hope you are all doing well and staying safe and happy! Serve your fellow men and love the Lord!! More from me next week!! Love you all!
4 Hermana's that started their missions in Nicaragua at the same time.

Jessica wrote "fired" fish but not sure if she meant "fried" fish.  ???

Hermana Ana and Eloisa.  Some of Jessica's favorite people right now.

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