Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 19, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

This week was a strange one! It was a good one but super strange!! Every day this week we met someone or something happened that was just way out of the ordinary! Which was fun for us!! 

We are hoping and praying this week the wedding papers actually come in and Our investigator wont drink that is what we have a HUGE problem down here with is Alcohol everyone drinks it and they don’t want to stop it is rough but my companion and I have been blessed the poor Elders in our branch Elder Collado(Costa Rica) y Elder Barlow(Utah) have it super rough they have an investigator that comes to church every Sunday to drink and they were talking to him about the mission rules and what not and he asked "Can the Sisters have boyfriends" and the Elders of course said No and he was super mad and he got super serious and said " I don’t like that rule!!" The Elders asked why and he said "because I like the white one with the big green eyes!" The Elders died laughing and their investigator didn’t know what was funny. They later told us this story and they give me crap every chance they can.... Crazies hahahaha! 

Then in the Basic Doctrines class on Sunday, the teacher said and all of us are Lamanites and everyone said yeah except Hermana Udall she can’t be she’s white..... psh hahahahahaha. It was pretty funny....

This coming week we have Multi Zonas.... where three Zones get together and play games and do practices and have classes and eat food....and watch videos from each zone oh man our video is going to be interesting.. All of the companionships had to make their own videos about their companionships.....hehe it should be interesting. 

I HAVE A HUGE NICARAGUAN FLAG hehehehe whoo hoo. I just need a US flag and there it is! So down here there are a lot of hammocks made out of US flags......huh... Don’t really know what to think of that but every time I see one I sing the National Anthem in my head but my head tries to translate it into Spanish and’s just not the same.

One of our investigators has the Chicken Pox....EEEEEEK hahaha I hope and pray for some odd reason I don’t get them again that would just be awful!! 

I finish my training in three weeks.... which means AMI AND JORDON ARE ABOUT TO HAVE THE BABY!!! Whoooooo hooo, but about my training, I am getting scared! Haha.. I hate not knowing what is going to happen in my life or where I am going to be living and with who... I am learning patience and to trust in the Lord.. I love my mission! 

I love this work and I LOVE seeing the change in people’s lives when they read the Book of Mormon and come to church the church is true!! I love it and everything about it!!!! More next week!! 

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