Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

I GOT A LETTER FROM UNCLE MORGAN!!!! It was amazing Nicaragua hasn’t changed much!! 

Well I am in Jinotepe today and we took one of those HUGE old school buses to get here and half way through they stopped to let people off but we couldn’t go anywhere because this guy thought it would be okay to open the back door and go pee....Oh man.....crazy people...

This week was Tope de Torros in Nandaime....oh man there were more horses in the streets than people and then they just let all the bulls run through the street and in the night time they have a rodeo and the ride bulls IT WAS CRAZY and there were a LOT of drunk Horses......and people....and dogs... it was interesting hahah 

This has been the fastest hardest 6 weeks in my mission we changed houses and the room we are in now at night time its FREEZING it is awesome!!! 

We always hear about those people that have been prepared for the gospel and I believed it but never saw it but in the past few weeks we have met and seen and heard stories about the people that have been prepared Heavenly Father TRULY does have a plan for our lives he loves us and wants the best for us!! I love this gospel and the oportunidad I have to changes people’s lives just by opening my mouth! 

Thank you for all your support I LOVE YOU 
Name tags decorated in honor of 4th of July!
Hermana Udall and Hermana Estrada

I found this "old" church document with a picture of the "70". 
My dad's (Jeff Udall) mission president Elder Douglas Callister is in the middle.

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