Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Another day another week and this week ANOTHER MONTH seriously I feel like the time is in fast forward here!!

My Spanish is getting sooooo much better! The gift of tongues is AWESOME!!!

This week was SUPER DUPER stressful the Zone Leaders have set super high goals for my companion and I. I know we can meet these goals but seriously they are stressing me out jaja. This week we had to do the demonstration for the practices for our Zone Meeting in front of the whole Zone... I didn't like it at all but I learned a lot and I am more confident with myself and with my Spanish.

During the Zone meeting well at the very end we were taking our Zone picture and all these white people came into the Church speaking English at first I was super scared it freaked me out I didn’t know what language they were speaking. Turns out they are from ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA my two favorite states and they are here for vacation. The ones from Arizona were asking where everyone was from and they got to me and they said oh Udall we don’t even have to ask what part of Arizona are you from???  They are from Gilbert they are in the Gilbert 3rd Ward.
When they tell you to bring two sets of glasses to the mission JUST IN CASE they were serious and very of my pairs of glasses broke straight in half....That’s what happens I guess when plastic goes from SUPER hot to SUPER cold SUPER fast oh it was so  sad for luck I have another pair!!

I am so glad to get all of your emails and to hear about how everything is going!! PLEASE always remember to read your scriptures and do what is right I love you all!!

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