Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

This has been the weirdest week because the Fourth of July has always been my favorite and I wasn’t at home haha it was hard BUT I got to eat pizza and there were FIREWORKS here that night Heavenly father loves me!!! 

We have a family in our area that is SUPER positive but this week we went to their house and she said she doesn’t want to get baptized I ALMOST cried and then we had 12 people that were going to go to the church Sunday and only 2 of them showed..... This is the hardest part when we EXPLAIN OVER AND OVER the importancia de the choices they make and they don’t listen.

My companion and I are going to change houses.....AGAIN jajaja we are going to be living in our area when we move in I will send pictures.

I got to talk to my trainer this week and Hna Avila is doing awesome all of the investigators I had in Granada are getting baptized it’s so excited to see!!! I love it every week she is having a baptism! Honestly it is kinda hard to see BUT the important thing is THEY are completing their covenants it’s awesome!!  

Today I am in Jinotepe ....its FREEZING here and freezing for me now is in the 80s so when I go home I am going to die haha

All of you that can... FAMILY...visit Addison a lot now because when I get home it is going to be time for Aunt Jessica to hang out with her jaja I love that girl so much and I haven’t even met her!! 

This month is going to be crazy and super hard in Nandaime(my area) there are TONS of parties and they let bulls run in the’s going to be NUTS haha but that’s why they sent the crazy sisters to Nandaime jajajaja 


The Hermana's of Nandaime Nicaragua.  Estrada-Guatemala, Atkinson-Idaho, Udall-Eagar AZ USA, and Rivas-El Salvador.

Nicaragua's National Bird the Motmot.

Hermana Estrada-Guatemala, Elder Troecht-Panama, Elder Rodriquez-Guatemala, Hermana Udall-Eagar AZ USA 

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