Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Hermano Pablo got baptized!!!! whooooo hoooo finally I have been working with him this whole time I have been in this area he just had a lot of problems and he overcame them all it was amazing!!! 

Newlyweds (Irma and Pablo) AND new member Pablo with Jessica and companion.

Wedding Poster Jessica made for Irma and Pablo.

Newlyweds Irma and Pablo.

Well this week was fun we were contacting and ended up in the middle of a wedding....oops.....buuut the gospel can be accepted where ever you was a catholic wedding jajajaj it was just really awesome but awkward.

This coming week we have interviews with president again I actually love them he gives us personal advice on what we can do better and then his wife gives us brownies!! 

SO we had a mouse in our house this week....again so I used my skills that my dad gave me and smashed it.....with my fist.....I was going to use the broom but I got a little nervous and just killed it....oops...don’t worry I washed my hands with Clorox afterwards! 
So we were walking down the street this last week and the people here LOVE to play with things that explode so they shoot them in the sky them blow up on the grown any place they can but the ones that go up in the air have pieces that fall down in the street and if they fall on you they will burn you so we were walking down a street and heard them go off and my companion just took off running and screaming and it scared me so I jumped and ran into someone and I had to go after my companion we looked like crazy people it was funny. 
Well that is all for this week I need to run and get some stuff mailed to the mission offices!!! Love you all!!!!

Little Alexa and her dad Santos

They had the "Primary Program" today.  Here's the Primary Children.

Part of Primary and leaders with recorders they played.

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