Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Another month has flown by it is now December I cannot believe that I am completing 10 months in my mission this week I cannot believe that 

Well this week was really good we had a guy named Andres that I have been trying for 6weeks to get him to go to church and this week HE WENT!!! I was so excited and the thing was Hermano Juan brought him we didn’t I was so proud of Hermano Juan. 

This week we had a talent night and as missionaries we sang it went really well but we sang a Christmas Song and it made me miss my home but I know that this Christmas I will see miracles here in Nicaragua we have a lot of things planned and I am excited to see what happens.

Well I didn’t have changes but my companion did but I got a sister missionary from........GUATEMALA ALL of my companions have been from there but her first language isn’t Spanish either she had to learn it when she came here she speaks one of the dialects from Guatemala and she dressed in traditional clothes its really awesome she's a powerful sister her mom died while she was in the mission she came here the same time I did.  

Some days are good with the Virus and some days are bad but I am still working so that when my time comes I feel like I did all I could. I love this work and I love this gospel I hope that everyone with make an effort to serve people this month and always be focused in Christ he is why we live and breathe I love you all!!! Until next week. 
Shoes Old and New!

Shoes Old and New!

Shoes Old and New!

Shoes Old and New!
Hermana Eusebio from the Dominican Republic and Hermana Udall

Hermana Lola - New Convert did the Marimba at the Talent Show

Jessica and her new American Flag

Hermana Udall, Hermana Lola (new convert), Hermana Tambriz

Mission News showing those doing well..  :)

Jessica and her new companion Hermana Tambriz from Guatemala.

Paulito- New convert

Hermana Udall and one of her favorites Sair.

Refreshment on a handmade chair.

Xavier and Lilliana and children.  New converts.
Christmas opened early! 

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