Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014 (Masaya Nicaragua)

This week was an interesting one. 

I got a letter from Jordon and Ami this week!!!! Awwww and from my ever hardworking Grandmother Myrna Udall too! 

We have had a baptism planed for one of our investigators for every Sat but something ALWAYS gets in the way. He has been my hardest investigator in my mission we have been working with him in so many things and this last week he told us I just need time so I think I will just wait you guys can teach someone else with your time. But something told me. no . You will not take this answer. So I said fine we will give you time buuuut the next day we went back (jejejejejeje) and he asked us what? And I said ya we are here to talk to you again and we started asking him questions that the spirit was telling us to ask and at the end of this lesson he said to us. I am going to get married and baptized this Saturday. I just said and now that you said that how do you feel and he said I KNOW this is what I need to do I can feel it. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOO oh yeah that is just another testimony to me that I am not the teacher the spirit is.

I don’t know how to say this in English but here in Nicaragua the catholic church celebrates what is called the Purisima it is basically like Halloween in the United States but instead of saying trick or treat you sing and they sing to a Virgin Mary that is inside the house and the people that live in the house with the Virgin Mary they give the people singing things and this goes on ALL day and people are drinking and they streets are full was crazy and at noon they blow up fire crackers and a ton of other things right there in the street I felt like I was in a battle it was crazy that happened yesterday so the ZL's called and said we need to go home early so after the Christmas Devotional we headed to the house but seriously crazy! And they said that Christmas is going to be worse. 

Hermano Trinidad on of our recent converts had a little puppy on his ranch that was my best friend but he died I was super sad and so was he but this week he found 7 puppies newly born just in the street so he brought them back and when I went to visit him he said God blessed me this week with a present for you and he showed me these puppies and I was just the happiest camper ever.

Hermana Jessica with "Puppies"!!  Happy Camper... :)

Hermano Trinidad who Jessica says is Grandpa Frank's twin (reminds her of Grandpa).  Farmer

For P-day today we woke up and had a TON of cool plans for the day but when we went to leave EVERYTHING was closed apparently the day after the Purisima nobody works it’s a miracle that this cyber place is open so we went back to the house and cleaned cleaned cleaned I hand washed all my clothes and bed stuff and so right now my house is awesomely clean the spirit is going to have a party there ;) 

I am excited about the work that is going on here in Masaya it has been hard to adjust to this area but I know God wants me here and I am glad! I hope to get pictures from you all and emails"" I loooove ya!!!! 

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