Friday, February 6, 2015

February 2, 2015 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Naigeli and Iris

Well everyone this year has been the most amazing year of my life...I have grown and changed so much.. I love this gospel more than ever before I love people in general I love being here... I know that this life is NOT easy but it is not impossible I love my life and I am scared for the after part but I am so sure that what I do now will  directly affect what happens afterwards and Gods plan and timing are PERFECT and if I ask him AND LISTEN I will always be happy!! He knows us all and loves us! I love you all and hope you guys will always remember what he did for us!! 
Well this week I ended up in Managua twice the first time Thursday and then today Elder Duncan is our Area President he is coming here to talk to the mission so we are practicing for a choir so I was directing the girl’s part so we headed on over there and want to know a miracle?? THE HAVE SUBWAY IN MANAGUA...and McDonalds but oh buddy I have missed Subway jajaj I thought of Morgan the whole time.....jeje 
Anyway so While I was leading that song today I just missed music a lot and I just started thinking God gives people different types of blood....not like the real blood that is red it’s a.....I cannot remember that word.....brogan would know anyway my blood just comes out dancing with music notes and I love it!! I just want to have that in my life ALWAYS I was blessed with parents that love music and a mom that looooooooves all that kind of stuff I just think it’s amazing!!
So this week we went and visited Armando he is our Jehovah Witness investigator and we have had so many problems with him he just keeps saying that he will get baptized in my time and I am just saying DUDE WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DIE TOMORROW and he just wouldn’t listen so this last week we went with the Elders to talk to him sat down and talked about The Word of Wisdom because he didn’t want to stop drinking coffee and then we just talked and bore testimony of everything we knew and I took out a picture of Jesus I have had in my scriptures and gave it to him and said look buddy use this when you want to drink every time I have wanted to lose my patience and yell or get mad I look at this and I calm down I KNOW it will help you and he looked at me and said how long have you had that I said my whole mission and he got this really impressed look on his face and he said before you leave I will give you something I have saved since child hood and I just looked at him and said I just want to see you get baptized and he just sat there and looked at us all quiet and we didn’t say anything for about 5 min and then he said let’s put a goal for my drinking coffee first....PROGRESS!!!!!!!! awwwwwww yeeeeeeeah!!! So the 7 is his goal for coffee and 14 for his baptism!!! I am so relieved and happy!!  
The work is going maybe not as fast as I want but it is going I love you all and will see you well write you next week!!!! 
Elder Scheffler-Utah, Elder Carter-Idaho, Hermana Combs-Utah, H. Udall-Arizona

Familia Namajudi

Recent convert Hermano Trinidad


Yea!!!! Subway!

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