Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9, 2015 (Masaya Nicaragua)

Hermana Estervina came to visit me!!!! (From previous area)

Well everyone we are just getting it done over here in Monimbo this was actually an amazing week!! We went to Managua on Wednesday for an AMAZING multizone. Where Elder Duncan the area President came and talked to us it was like a spiritual awesomeness that is just indescribable. WE were introducing ourselves to him and he just saw my name tag and said ¨Udall.....you must be from Arizona...¨ I just smiled and said yes! Born and RAISED and he said well...you look like a Udall. It was crazy!! That meeting was just amazing he presented the new area plan that is going to work so well!! I am so excited that I get to be part of this plan and helping it start I seriously have been part of sooooo many awesome things in my mission from the dedicating of the Mexico MTC to actually going to the MTC and for just being in this country I LOVE NICARAGUA . At this conference we did the choir thing and I sang SOPRANO.....I did...it was crazy....anyway something cool that Elder Duncan said that made me cry a little was this he said you are all Nicaraguans and you will always be Nicaraguans. In 20 years people will be talking about Nicaragua or people from there and they will be talking about part of you. They will be talking about people you love places you know. God sent you guys here to become part of the people and you have done it. In the preexistence you were friends with these people you knew them and loved them and always will. God sent your mission president not to Nicaragua for the people he sent them here for YOU they were called to help YOU. This made me think back on this crazy year I have had and all the wonderful things I have experienced I would not trade any of this for the world. God is aware of ME he knows ME and has a plan for ME I am just humbled by the fact that his perfect plan included me. Hus timing is PERFECT there is no flaw. He is AMAZING I am his daughter and he loves me.

Okay on a funnier note the Elders took us to get a coke for our Year mark and we were sitting there and Elder Scheffler says do you guys want to hear what happened to me???? I was teaching the Word of Wisdom today and I tried saying all the 5 things that are prohibited and I tried reading the pamphlet and that thing is not in Spanish!! We looked at it and it was in Portuguese.....WHAT IS THAT??? Poor guy jajaja but it was awesome. then I was talking about one of our investigators with my district leader and all the sudden we just stopped and watched this motorcycle drive by......it was not just a normal motorcycle this thing not only had a family of 4 on it but the dad that was driving was wearing a pot on his head....like the one you boil water in and he was using it as a helmet....All Elder Carter did was look at me and we both just died laughing I seriously feel like I am living in a movie sometimes  oh man I love this country.

So yesterday we ate about 8 times. and not just little snacks we ate 8 meals....eggs beans and rice eggs beans and rice eggs beans and rice... given the food was super good and we rarely have that made food dates but whaaaaaaat my stomach today is still mad at me.. It first started in the morning  when the people that live with us we gave them a thank you note and a picture and the next thing we know they were knocking on our door with a TON of food and I am not one that usually eats breakfast...and then we went to church and the primary gave us food we came home and had our lunch date then we went to visit a family and ate beans and platanos and then we had another dinner lesson and then another I am so grateful of the fact that I have a ton of people looking out for me here mom....like Bob Marley says don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright!! I didn’t like Masaya much when I came here but it has honestly grown on me I love it and don’t want to leave quite yet. We have this last week in this change and then I might get put in my last area of the mission....that’s crrrrazy!! 

Well we are hoping and praying that our baptism on Saturday will go as planned!! 

English classes are going good. 

My district is awesome

My companion is awesome. 

I love this country.

District Monimbo Elders and Hermana's

Hermana Combs-Utah, Hermana Galvez-Guatemala, Hermana Udall-Arizona

Little member boy from Jessica's L.D.S. Ward in Masaya.

One of her meals.

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