Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015 (Masaya Nicaragua)


Alright first of all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY I love you all so much!!! But I hate to break it to you my dad is my one and only valentine!! 
Happy Valentines Day Dad!

This week was a little slow but it was good I don’t have any crazy experiencias this week but I am doing good Changes are this week we find out tomorrow what is going to happen I am so ready to hear what’s up what is the next adventure that I will have. 

I did have a conversation with a parrot this week. And saw two second of the suns game on TV....that was a shock back to reality.

I was laying there thinking one night when I couldn’t sleep about how crazy life is I am in a different country speaking Spanish.....I never thought about going on a mission and here I am talking to people that I have never met before about something that people this is personal but shouldn’t be at all. Religion is something people take as personal....but if we all need it and there is only one truth it is not personal at all it is a gift that should be given to EVERYONE.... God has one church one faith one baptism he loves us all equally and we need to ALL get back to the same place.... 

The other thing I was thinking about is the fact that if we don’t get along with someone it is usually our fault. God made us all different but we all have him in common there is no way we shouldn’t get along but everyone gets prideful. Serve the people you have a problem getting along with and look for the good en them. They are Children of God too

I love this work so much. It has taught me patience it has taught me love and it has taught me that I am me... I was made the way I was made because God needs me that way. He plans everything!! I hope you will all come to realize how special you all truly are. And when you do.... Love it Live it and Share it. That is how you will keep it!! 

I hope God blesses you all this week. He knows you and he loves you!! 

Until next week! Praying for you always!! 
Hermana Combs and Hermana Udall with Valentine Wishes.

One of many walls with murals in the city.

Bird had a conversation in Spanish with Jessica.

Lake Catarina


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