Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 23, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Hermana Jessica Udall-Arizona, new companion Hermana Butler-Colorado
I am in a place called Nindiri it is about 10 min in car it is on the way to Managua! My companion is from Colorado she is getting ready to finish her mission Sooooo I will be her last companion! The change meeting was good my Trainer went home this change I cried a lot! Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy but I didn’t even care she was the best!! And she left for Guatemala she is planning on going to BYU so I will probably end up seeing her!!!!

Algo crazy that happened okay so I don’t know how many of you remember my first baptism over there in Granada?? Okay well the guy that baptized my little girl married his girlfriend AND LIVES IN NINDIRI!!! My area now!! I walked into the church and he just started freaking out!! It was awesome!!! So I have people I already know here!!
WE have an investigator here named Clodomiro he is awesome!! He is 63 has stopped smoking drinking and a ton of other things it’s awesome!! we went to talk to him this week and he didn’t want to get baptized but didn’t think he was ready so we shared scriptures and I started talking to him and he goes are you some kind of Psychologist?? I said why?? And he said every time I don’t want to do something when I am done talking to you I want to......AWWWW YEAH!! jajaja that means I can listen to the spirit!!! That is awesome!
"28 February 2015 Clodomiro, My Baptism"
Sooo we were visiting a recent convert this week and a drunk guy showed up to talk to us and he looked at the little girl next to me and said you get out of the way I can’t see the woman! And I want to see this angel that is here in front of me....I won’t miss that when I get home jajaja
Okay so I just want to thank my dad for teaching me Direction skills when I was longer because I got to learn this area so fast! Given it is small but I did it!!

I am glad to be here I really am its hard but it’s such a blessing to my life I am so glad God loves me enough to bless me in the ways I need.
I have been out for almost 13 months I don’t know where the time has gone. I have seen sooooo many works of God I have learned another language I am a daughter of God! I have to go for now!! But I will write more next week!! I LOVE YOU ALL.
I found a chicken heart I my chicken dinner.  :)


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