Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 13, 2015 (Diriamba Nicaragua)

Gabriel, Franklin, Fancisco, Yohanna.

Well Yohana and the boys got baptized!! It was amazing Yohana was really nervous and scared but when she came out of the water she looked at me and said I know I made the right choice it was just so amazing!! 

We are looking for a lot of new people right now and we met 2 families and some youth...we will see what happens 

So last night the Aps called and said I needed to be in Managua today at 10 for choir practice for our multizonas so we showed up and.....I am singing in a duet with another elder.....soprano...And its tomorrow that I will be singing...they sure know how to spring things on people but that will be fine I just haven’t sung in a long while we will see how it goes!! 

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have every day to wake up and put my name tag on...It’s a gift and I love it...I know this is short but I am sending pictures that you can see in my blog!! I love you all!! 

Celebrating my 17 month mark.

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District meeting.

My companion celebrating her 12 month mark.

H. Lagos-Honduras, H. Rivas-El Salvador, H. Gomez-Guatemala, H. Udall-USA

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