Sunday, July 26, 2015

June 29, 2015 (Diriamba Nicaragua)

Well this week was awesome but crazy Sunday I completed 17 Months here. I cannot believe it. At. All.

Well Yohana and her boys are going to be getting baptized this Saturday!!! I am so excited we got to their house on Sunday to go to church and they were there all ready to go! Then we got to church and it was Fast Sunday so everyone was baring their testimonies and then Yohana looked at us and said can I go up there?? We said YES OF COURSE and she said but I’m wearing pants I just said who cares go get it girl!! So she did! She got up there and bore her testimony about meeting the missionaries and she thanked my companion and me in front of EVERYONE. I cried and then they decided to sing God be with you till we meet again for the last song....not cool.

The work here in Diriamba is flying!! The members and helping like crazy and they go visiting every Sunday! It’s awesome!!!
Well it’s crazy to think that in just one month I will be in my house...I just don’t quite know what to think about that! I can’t believe that the time is gone. I have grown so much and learned so much that I just want to keep doing it....Seeing people go from not wanting to listen to us to KNOWING and BELIEVING that this is all true is amazing you see everything about them change their eyes how they talk how they treat people families are happier and they just finally know why they are here in this earth.
I know why I am here. I know I was CALLED and set apart to Preach the only true Gospel in the world. This is Gods church and Jesus is the Head of it. They guide us in EVERYTHING that we do and need to be doing. The Book of Mormon brings light into places where there is darkness answers questions and gives revelations that are really and truly needed. God calls leaders to help and guide us. I love you all soooo much!!!

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