Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 20, 2015 (Diriamba Nicaragua)

The time is FLYING I just can’t handle it!!
Well today we played soccer as a Zone it was awesome!! But it was the last Zone activity I will be at! CRAZY My Zone is FULL of white guys...they are crazy but they only talk to me in English now...they keep telling me I am awkward and need to practice. Nice guys huh..?
Well this week at church Axel went!! We met him the first change I was here about 5 weeks ago and he said he would go then we couldn’t find him but we ran into him in the street and he said well this Sunday I will be waiting on the corner for you... and he was we saw him and I just thought WHAT and he said I thought you guys weren’t going to come..

Yohana is still going strong and amazing!!

Alba is going to marry Abel. And Abel is going to get baptized!!!! HOLLLAAAA
Well I also started packing this week...I just don’t know how I feel about that.

I Love Nicaragua so much!! I have my final interview tomorrow it’s crazy
We also had Multi Zones this last Tuesday they talked a lot about Arizona I was going crazy they we got to watch Meet the Mormons it was awesome!!! Made me excited to go home.. After we watched it, President Russell stood up and he says well those North Americans that are about to go home I am sorry if that made you want to go home.. If you haven’t seen the movie watch it it’s awesome!!! Shows that Mormons are normal people too we have problems like anyone else we just have found the path that has the answers and the help we need!! I love you all so much sorry there aren’t pictures this week!! I love you all a ton!!

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