Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

I am alive everyone for those of you that heard about the earthquakes down here there are a ton but so far so good the towns that are closer to the volcano have it worse! But so far I am safe! 

Hermana's Garcia, Perez, Avila, and Udall

This week has been crazy! Divisions was fun I went to a place called Diriamba where I almost froze because my body is used to the heat because Granada is one of the hottest places in southern Nicaragua because we live so close to Lake Managua. Diriamba is a lot colder so I was actually freezing and it was like 89 to 93 degrees outside haha just think of what will happen when I get home... Morgan said it snowed a little last night so I am really going to freeze haha yay! Granada has become my home away from home I really missed it and my companion! When I came back I was so happy to see my crazy little town well not so little and all its crazy people!! 

In Diriamba I took THE COLDEST shower I have EVER taken in my life it was like swimming in Becker Lake after there was 2 feet of snow on the ground BAH! Crazy!! 

Well the day I got back from Divisions I was walking and walking and walking and we had to walk over this little hill and all the sudden my powers of Grace came out and I fell....hahaha oops anyway I cut my leg pretty good I just stood up and didn’t really scream or anything I calmly told my comp Sister I should probably go clean this and she started screaming and running around it was very funny so we went to the primary presidents house because she was right there close she washed it with water then we went to a little pharmacy place to get stuff to clean it and all they had was rubbing alcohol and boy did that feel awesome! but my Mother is a super smart lady and in my package she sent Neosporin (that is not how you spell that) so I use that and it is kinds starting to get better I went to a members house and she put this purple stuff on my cut that reminded me of branding cattle and so now my leg is purple awesome huh. 
Using Neosporin Mom sent in birthday package!  :)

Looks like purple medicine Grandpa Udall used to use on the cattle!  Ha ha.
This week my companion and I worked a day with The zone Leader Elder Howe from Utah and Elder Segura from Costa Rica and they helped us so much it was a long day but all in all it was good the Elders like to talk so they taught most of the lessons haha crazy people coming into our area and taking over haha just kidding it was good though! They helped a lot. 

My first baptism is on Saturday!! I am so excited she is so ready to be baptized it’s crazy!! We also have another baptism date for next Saturday and we are hoping he pulls through but he is having a rough time makes my heart hurt but at least he is still trying! 

This coming week we have interviews in Masaya on Thursday which should be interesting President Russell was in my branch on Sunday and he saw my leg and got super serious I thought I was in trouble but he said you are one of the tough sisters you will be okay Sister Russell just started freaking out haha she said I don’t have a Band-Aid but you are the first person I have seen that needed one! 

I love this work and these people they are fantastic! I am working hard and praying A LOT my Spanish is getting better and better every day and I know it is the Lord blessing me! Please those of you that know of the gospel share it and those of you that don’t know come to know it will help you so much!! I love you all and wish you the Best!! Take care till next week! And please pray for the people of Central America! 

"Semana Santa" that I described last week.  This was outside our apartment window.

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