Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 31, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Can you tell by "wear and tear" which Hermana has been serving longer?!  :)
Hermana Jessica Udall and companion Hermana Avila at Lake Nicaragua.


This has been a crazy week! The work was really slow this week and really hard I hit one of those days they talk about that make you second guess everything you are doing everything you believe in and if you are really worth it. I know that that happens because we need to be humble to do this work especially here in Nicaragua the people are so very humble. 

I BOUGHT A BACK PACK TODAY!! Oh man when I was coming on my mission they told me to bring a bag but my mission president lets us use back packs! Best thing ever!! 

SO I have my first baptism coming up! She is a 9 year old girl that is PILAS!! That is a Guatemalan word for hard worker. She came to church on Sunday and looked at us and said when is my baptism and of course my companion and I wanted to say RIGHT NOW but she needs two more Sundays and a lesson on the Word of Wisdom because EVERYONE down here drinks coffee. 

I got my birthday package on Saturday!! It was the best thank you Family! Telling people I am 20 is weird but hey I AM NOT A TEENAGER whoop whoop! I also got three letters from grandma Udall and that was awesome I got them at our Zone meeting and my Zone leader Elder Benson said wow Hermana Popular!! 

Okay so Granada the place I am in is very touristy but in the city I am not in down town I am farther out so it is rare to see White people.....I get whistled at a lot and the guys make kissy noises and say in really bad English Hey Barbie good morning.. That is rough ha-ha I just look at them and say have you ever heard of the Plan Jesus has for you? And they just laugh and stop talking to me hehehehehe. 

Dad....they call Pepsi, Coke down here and Coke is Coke.....psh hahahaha. 

I got pictures from Jordon and Ami about the car and her awesome so so cute belly I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT WHOOOO HOOO I am so excited!!! 

WE got to go to the beach today for P-Day it was awesome it looks like the ocean but it’s a lake....its nuts!! I love this Country and everything about it. It is a super poor country but they make do and EVERYONE wants to speak English right now I am teaching 2 girls to speak English and quizzing other missionaries because in this mission we have to know Three languages Spanish, English, and the language of the Spirit. 

I apologize for my bad spelling as my Spanish gets better my English gets way worse! I love hearing from you all! 

Friday we had an earthquake but the house we are in is a really good house we didn’t even feel it and it rained last night so this morning was nice and cool it was fabulous! 

Guys the church is so true and it helps EVERYONE not just a select few. I am so blessed to be wearing this little name tag that means I am set apart as a missionary but I want to stress the importance of the fact that you don’t need a tag to do missionary work we depend on The members more than anything I love you all so so much!! 
View from the Airplane on the flight to Nicaragua from Mexico City

All the Sister (Hermana's) who started together in the Nicaragua Managua South Mission

Fairly regular meal down here

More next week!!

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