Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 (Granada Nicaragua)

Hola Mis amigos y mi familia!! Yo Tengo 2 Meses in mi misión!!! 

It has been a long two months but it has gone so fast at the same time! 

This week was a good week we got to watch General Conference but only if we had investigators so I missed one session the Saturday Afternoon session but I get to print talks off so that is nice! We had all of our investigators ready to go with us then they all canceled so now we get to teach about...oh man I forgot how to say it in English....compromisos....promises they have made with us but they aren’t really with us because everything they do is for the Lord. 

This next coming week is Semana Santa here in Nicaragua it is where EVERYONE walks up and down the streets with music bands and they carry Saints they have made out of paper and things up and down the street. People hang banners and pictures at their house and if people walk by and say a certain phrase they get free food and down here free food us a big deal so EVERYONE one is Catholic for the week even the Members hahaha. 
My investigators are doing well they don’t like coming to church because Sunday is the only day they don’t work but my companion and I get them to church haha. 

We have been on Earthquake look out this whole week because of the huge earthquake in Chile we have had them on and off for the past week not big ones but they shut all the lights off which includes all the Fans everywhere and the fans are what save us most of the time. 

My Spanish is getting better and better every day it is still hard to understand things but I don’t feel completely out of place anymore which is a good thing. I have divisions tomorrow so I leave Granada and go with one of the training sisters in another area and my companion stays here... I am kinda freaking out but I know I have been trained well and I was raised to do hard things so I can do this! 

Sorry this one is so short! 

I love this gospel and everything in it! Thank you all for the support I hope everything is well with you!! 

Bugs in our apartment! My companion Hermana Avila (short Guatemalan) is too short for the job!  Ha Ha

Cacao and Pinolillo (my new favorite drinks)!
Mangos EVERYWHERE!  :)

A new favorite fruit for me "Jacotes"
Typical meal.
A Church in Downtown Granada Nicaragua


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