Tuesday, September 16, 2014

August 15, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Well its Monday another week has flown by I cannot believe that the time is flying so fast it is almost October!! 

This week it rained everyday so I have been wet from head to toe for a week and all I have is a stuffy nose it’s a miracle!! 

Well we have a Taxi driver here that takes us wherever we need to go for super cheap when there is changes he willingly gets up at 4 in the morning to take us to Jinotepe to catch the bus for Managua he is super nice his wife is super awesome too. Well we went and visited him this week because he was finally at his house and he has a baptism date!!! I am so happy and excited and so is he I love seeing how excited people get when they feel the spirit that is going to change their lives. 
I was thinking if the Book of Mormon is so true and every time people members bare testimony that it is true WHY do they not read it every day of their lives IT CHANGES LIVES and it doesn’t matter if you are member or not the things that are of God are for everyone not just for people that aren’t baptized. I love this truth. 
We are going to baptize the cutest 90 year old lady I have ever met....but she is SUPER stubborn but all the bad times I have had just disappear when we are teaching her because she just makes me laugh!! I love her to death! 
I am sitting in the church emailing my family and listening to EFY music from Ryan Innes It is weird to listen to music in English it’s weird to speak English and to write English but that makes me happy because FINALLY I have gotten to a point where I dream think speak sing write and read in Spanish the Gift of Tongues is serious and seriously awesome. 
The Priesthood in the branch they are all playing Baseball today that is what all the people here in Nicaragua play is Baseball. They play soccer but they like baseball more they say that in Major league baseball there are a lot of people from Nicaragua that play THATS AWESOME!! We were in a lesson this week and there were a bunch of kids playing baseball in the street and when we finished the little kid caught the ball so the other poor little kid was out and started crying and he came up to me and said "Gringa that’s not the rules right??" poor kid was trying everything so that he wouldn’t be out. 
Well I love you all and hope that all is well I will be here Next week ready to hear about all the stuff that is happening at home!! 


You can't "Sell" the Gospel but you can Share it. 

E-mailing my family!

Jansi a new convert and Hermana Udall

This is Justin. He want to marry ALL sister missionaries in Nandaime! 

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