Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

Well this week was full of excitement we had Multi Zonas this week and I got to see some of my friends from the MTC and from my last area!! It was so much fun I learned so much and then we played games and that part was awesome my companion and I in front of everyone had to take out all the tissues from a tissue box one at a time in less than a minute and not to brag but WE SO WON but they gave the point to the other team but Justice was served when Zona Jinotepe won it all!! we then took the 1 and a half bus ride home and any of you that know me know that I get SUPER motion sick SUPER easy well I almost threw up in the bus and when we got home I threw up and then all night long I kept throwing up and then that got me super dehydrated but I am good now don’t worry!! 

Well we had a baptism this last Saturday and everything went so well we went to Hermana Brunildas house and she had dyed her hair because she wanted to be gorgeous for the baptism. I think she is the prettiest without her hair dyed. The spirit just radiates I love it!! She was scared to go under the water and kept saying and if I don’t come out alive I go straight to heaven right? I just couldn’t help but laugh but everything went well. Sunday we went to get her to bring her to church and there she was waiting for us to help her get ready we got to church she got confirmed and then didn’t know she needed to leave the pulpit so the Bishop was like okay Hermana you can go now but she didn’t move so I went and got her we were about to take the sacrament which we had talked A LOT about with her and she looks at me with fear in her eyes and said I didn’t bring any money and I just laughed and said that’s not what this is and I explained it to her and she just started laughing 
Well we went to Jinotepe today again to do some shopping and print photos and when we came back I was sitting in a chair with a lady and she left so this guy sat down and I thought to myself ohhhh boy here we go and he looked and me and said WOW look at your eyes how pretty and what’s your name and then he just talked and talked so I looked at him and said Hi my name is Sister Udall I am a representative of Jesus Christ and the church. Of him I asked if he lived in Nandaime and he said yes so I told him where the church was and when we had church and he said can I go visit you and I said come to church Sunday I have a lot of people that would like to visit you he then tried asking for my number sooo I gave him the number of my district leader......we will see how that goes. I just hope one day he finds his way to church. 

Well I love this gospel and all of you!! Stay strong and work hard to serve others!!
Hermana Martinez, New Convert 90 Year old Brunilda and Hermana Udall

Center = Hermano Jiro, Presidente Aburto, Brunilda 90 yr old new convert.
Herman Martinez and Hermana Udall cleaning the Font before baptism.


H. Glaves, H. Suares, H. Coombs, H. Udall, H. Grow with
medallions awarded when finishing training.

Limes and Avacados!  I'm happy!

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