Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

This week was a good week!! 

Our recent convert Brunilda well she is so much like my Grandpa Frank it is unreal sometimes I feel like I am there with him. I have always been mad with myself because I didn’t spend much time with him but here in my mission I have been blessed with opportunities to not regain that time because I can’t but to do other things that are pretty close. She has been sick with a fever and has a bad foot but DID NOT want to go to the doctor...Grandpa Frank but I went to her house and started acting like my mom and off she went to the hospital. She has two little hairs that grow out of her chin...grandpa frank... that she is always complaining about and that we have to take out. Then we cut her nails and painted them for her and she kept faking like it was hurting scared me every time....Grandpa Frank and she makes what I call the Grandpa Frank face it makes me so happy.. And when she is concentrating super hard she sticks her tongue out!! 

WE watched the Relief Society conference and I didn’t know in the United States almost all the girls are BLONDE. It was so weird to see....

This week I ate like 4 avocados they are HUGE here you put a little lime and a little salt and you have one of the best meals ever!! 

Well conference is coming I hope everyone is getting ready!! I am so excited!!!

I love you all!! 

Hermana's and new 90 year old convert Brunilda.
Jessica doing service for Brunilda's ailing feet. 

Jessica taught Brunilda how to give a "Thumbs Up" sign!  :)

Avacado, Bread, Coke.  Yum yum....
Jessica's Zone at present.


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