Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014 (Nandaime Nicaragua)

I AM STILL IN NANDAIME!! Whooo I didn’t have changes and my companion didn’t either! We are still together Hermana Martinez and I. I am super happy! She is awesome and so is Nandaime it is a hard area but we are finally having success here! So until October 15 I am going to work my hardest!! 
Well this week was a hard one because we worked SUPER hard and I was sick and we left the house SUPER early Sunday to go get our investigators and they weren’t there or they lied to us or they were fighting us to not go to church. 
But today we started a new week and I can feel it’s going to be a good one but this morning we went to Jinotepe to buy some things and this crazy guy came up to me and said give me your drink (I was drinking Gatorade) and I didn’t give it to him because if you give things to him he follows you but if you don’t he gets mad so he was all mad at me and took off across the street and was saying all kinds of crazy things about Gringos and then with all his strength and might he gave me the middle finger....what a nice guy I just couldn’t help but laugh.
The time here in the mission is flying everyone is starting to get back from their missions. Everyone at home is starting school or getting married I just want everyone to remember that God NEEDS to come first it DOES NOT matter how important you think other things are he needs and HAS to come first because if you want a happy life and help with your trials BE OBEDIENT it’s that easy he CANNOT bless you if you are not obedient I love you all so much and hope for the best!! 

Jansi (New Convert) and Hermana Udall

Don't worry... it doesn't mean I like cats! 

Rosa and Hermana Udall

Thought of my DAD when I saw this sign!

District as of today 9-8-14

I will write more next week I promise!! 

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