Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015 (Masaya Nicaragua)

I SAW LIONS AND TIGERS this week....I took my companion out to eat for her birthday and I was sitting where I could see the window and so I just casually looked up and BAM a truck with 4 Lions and 2 tigers Crazy!! But AWESOME and for the rest of the day I was freaking out.

So I hope you all remember Brunilda my converso de Nandaime she called me on Wednesday and started getting mad because I left her there jajajaja was THE BEST phone call I have ever had hahahahaha. 

WE have started teaching English classes here and it is so much fun we started with 15 people in the class which was SUPER good it was awesome!! I just love it! 

The church was so good this week we had a bunch of investigators go and it was just a spiritual meeting I loved it. }

SO I was sitting in my Zone meeting this Friday just talking about our investigators and the door opens and in walks President Russell and his wife hahaha the look on the other missionaries faces was priceless but I love it when he comes he carries a spirit with him that is so strong you can feel it from so far away I just love it. 

Well I hope all is well on the home front!! Love ya´ll so much!!! 

Hermana Udall and companion Hermana Combs from Roy Utah USA.

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