Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 13, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua).

4 Hermana's in Nicaragua on their preparation day.
Well this week was good!! We had some cool things happen! Lester got Confirmed!! WAHOOOOO and my companion tried Dr. Pepper for the first time!! I will have you know it was a miracle we even found Dr. Pepper!! Anyway she wasn’t too amazed....but that’s okay everyone has their likes....I guess... jaja. 

Well cool story for the week I have started buying mandarin oranges so that when we pass by people that are smoking I just say if you throw that away I will give you this so they usually throw the cigarette on the ground and then we start teaching them about the Word of Wisdom so we did that again this week and the guy told me he was going to go to church on Sunday and I honestly didn’t believe him woman of little faith I guess but on Sunday I was sitting there waiting for the meeting to start and in he walks and he lifted both of his hands up as if to say Elvis has entered the building and then he started waving at everyone I was dying sooooo funny. Crazy guy now has a baptism date and oh man he is funny. 

We also started teaching a new family this week! They are positive so far! 

Jonathan one of our investigators that is going to get baptized in July is 15 he always talks about when he is an Elder it’s awesome!! I am so excited for him we sent him to contact someone the other day and he walked up and said you why are you sitting on this bench and not getting baptized?? Do you want to go to hell?? And this guy on the bench is now one of our investigators. It was so crazy!! 
Well spiritual thought for this week If God is in your life Satan can’t be. Be sure you know what is going on in the lives around you before you judge them. The gospel HELPS EVERYONE!!! I love you all keep your heads up.

My Building where my "Branch" meets.

Jessica at Catarina


From a Cashew Tree in my yard!

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