Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 27, 2015 (Nindiri Nicaragua)

Alberto's baptism! 
Alberto got baptized!!! It was awesome a lot of people came to the baptism and it was just wonderful!!! 

Well this week was a very good one. Sometimes God just blesses us a lot during one week and sometimes he makes us work for our blessings!!  

This week one of our old investigators that we stopped teaching for a while because he wasn’t progressing we put a baptismal date with him!!! EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN GODS TIME. I remember every time I tried and tried and tried to get someone to get baptized and they just didn’t want to or something always came up and in the end we stopped teaching them but there they were in the area book just waiting for their time to come and I am starting to hear from all my other areas THAT THEIR TIME IS NOW it is sooooo exciting to hear that lots of the people I started teaching in Granada.. Are getting baptized as well in Nandaime and even in Monimbo!! It’s AWESOME 

Well I am officially one of the older sisters in the mission I am going to complete 15 months on Sunday..... Everyone has started saying well you are leaving!! It makes me sad! I just don’t know what to feel I want to see my family but I want to stay here doing this forever. 

I just wanted to say I KNOW with every atom in my being that this church is true. I KNOW that Jesus is my Savior and through him my life is happy!! 

Hermana Jessica Udall (Nindiri Nicaragua)

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